#scatter: How to link EOS account to new key pair?

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Hey all, having a problem setting up an account on Scatter.

I just generated a new EOS key pair using this online client: https://nadejde.github.io/eos-token-sale/

I imported these keys into Scatter without a problem, but when I tried to link these to an identity, I got this error:

Any idea what the problem is or how to fix it? I haven't sent any EOS to this key pair yet, wondering if this is part of the issue?

Help would be appreciated. Thanks!!


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  • briewbriew Posts: 2 Brand New

    Okay, I see. So now that we are post-mainnet launch, is there no way for me to generate a new pair of EOS keys?

  • f3ynmanf3ynman Posts: 2 Brand New

    Hi, i have the same question. Somehow i need to create an account and link the public and private key to this account. I really have no idea how. A google search doesn't help...

  • cyril007cyril007 Posts: 1 Brand New
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    Hi, trying to help a friend I've found the best help here:

    It's provided by EOS Vibes, block producer and dapp creator.
    In the video you can hear Kyle from The Awakenment youtube channel, who's been covering EOS for quite some time and eventually joined EOS Vibes.
    They work on (in my opinion) a very promising project HireVibes and there will be also an airdrop from them.
    There's also Telegram channel with a lot of positive feedback.

  • Paul_AtreidesPaul_Atreides Posts: 15 admin

    @briew said:
    Okay, I see. So now that we are post-mainnet launch, is there no way for me to generate a new pair of EOS keys?

    There is a way to generate a new pair of EOS keys - and the keygen you used did indeed do that.

    However, in order to use those keys you have to do one of two things:
    1) link those keys to an existing account on the eos blockchain
    2) create a new eos account and then use the keys you generated as either the owner or active (or both) keys for that new account.

    In other words, a newly generated eos keypair is only half of the equation on the mainnnet - they have to be associated with an account.

    Did that make sense? If not, I'm happy to explain further.


  • Paul_AtreidesPaul_Atreides Posts: 15 admin

    bit more background:

    what happened was this - the eos mainnet launch created an EOS account for every sos keypair that was used to pair with an ETH address holding EOS ERC-20 tokens.

    but from this point forward, those accounts have to be created by us. and what's more, they're an essential part of the equation, along with an eos keypair. hence the two options I listed above.

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