Can/should you buy EOS on an Exchange(Binance) ? Should you wait until there is an EOS WALLET?

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I already have eos tokens/wallet registered and voted for block producers and see that people are some how trading even though the EOS website says

"The EOS Token Distribution has ended. All EOS ERC-20 tokens have now become fixed and are non-transferrable on the Ethereum Blockchain.'

SO, do we have EOS tokes on eos blockchain?..... I have EOS private and public keys but do not know where this wallet is located.

ENJOY, I have many more questions..:)

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  • RM0600RM0600 Posts: 3 Brand New

    thank you,

    but what if I bought more EOS tokens since the snap shot has been taken and put them into my wallet that is registered? Is there going to be another snap shot for EOS tokens?

    Keep up the good work #EOSVenezuela.


  • RM0600RM0600 Posts: 3 Brand New

    Thanks again, you got my VOTE for BP

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