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1 Values of MEET.ONE (Community Values)

1.1 Build Together

EOS.IO is achieving a new technological milestone. In this new ecology, the interesting thing is that Dapps are a direct driving force for users. Therefore, MEET.ONE community provides the best environments for developers and users. MEET.ONE helps developers realize their dreams, which will also promote the ecological prosperity. At the user end, we deliver important EOS information to community members everyday, build Dapp portals, and let the market listen carefully to the voice of users.

1.2 Contribution

EOS subverts the inherent business model. Entire team of MEET.ONE choose EOS as a long-term business. MEET.ONE is the portal of EOS. It’s our responsibility to maintain the entire network. EOS should be stable, prosperous, and sustainable. Therefore, we always develop useful tools for users rather than ask returns.

1.3 Equality

EOS has built a decentralized global network. The geographical and cultural differences cannot be blocked or prevented from communicating with each other. The day-to-day affairs will listen to the voices of community members and adopt the model of community autonomy.

2 Community Project Timeline:

2.1 February

EOS TOOLS has developed and performed several iterations of the product. At present, there are more than 20,000 users using applets, the mapping and verification process has been successful.

2.2 March

EOSIO Scholar Testnet was developed in collaboration with EOS Nation, EOS Cannon and EOSoCal. We want to help the nodes campaign teams understand the blocking process. After the launch of EOS in June, BPs will easily play a better role. In the middle of April, Scholar Testnet was the first one to complete BLOCK BOOT process among the entire community test network.

2.3 April

Released the first Chrome extension - EOS KIT. The collection of EOS global news, Twitter account overview, Dapp list, BP list and other functions.

2.4 May

Release App products after private beta version. As an eco-entry for EOS, MEET App can perform EOS asset management, node voting, Dapp portal, and information services. We will continue to combine market feedback for product iteration. At the same time, our WeChat applet has added super-node functionality to help Chinese users better understand each BP and select trustworthy, solid technology nodes.

2.5 October

Release the MEET.ONE side-chain, available to colleges and young developers for free or at a very low price, and open up a large number of development and learning documents to provide the best blockchain development environment.

3 Finances and transparency

MEET.ONE team will update important project news at the right time, and all spending of BP revenue will be open to the public. Details of this part can be referenced in the Revenue Distribution Part. Expenditure for MEET.ONE block producer hardware plans:

Signing Node (AWS r4.2xlarge) * 1

Load Balancer Node (AWS r4.2xlarge) * 1

Full/Failover Nodes (AWS x1e.2xlarge) * 4

Producing Nodes (AWS x1.32xlarge) * 1

Cloudflare (DDoS) * 1

r4.2xlarge: 8 vCPU, 61GB RAM

x1e.2xlarge: 8 vCPU, 244GB RAM

x1.32xlarge: 128 vCPU, 2TB RAM, 4TB SSD

We are prepared to scale as necessary, adjustment details will be based on suggestions from Block.One and demand-based requirements.

4 What other things do MEET.ONE think is important?

Currently, it is in an in-depth cooperation with a top cloud service provider. With more than 30 large computer rooms overseas, it will provide extremely strong support, which makes the MEET.ONE node more secure and stable.

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