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Dear EOS Community
DAO.EOS is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization guide by the owners of DAO.EOS Tokens. DAO.EOS purpose is to support the healthy development of EOS ecology, aiming to achieve the following goals.

1.As a Block producer candidate of DAO.EOS seeks to provide reliable services for Block Production that will contribute to the inflation reward circled back in the development of EOS ecology.

2.As a Decentralized autonomous organization, the DAO.EOS team will concentrate focus on management and financial transparency. The organization will commit to publishing revenue and expenditure reports of inflation rewards from EOS Block Production. DAO.EOS will improve communication with other DAC communities to support the Decentralization of the EOS system.

As an advocate of the EOS system, DAO.EOS will invest the Inflation Rewards in the DAPP Development founded on the EOS System. DAO.EOS will provide a platform for the DAPP development team to present their work. DAO.EOS will airdrop DAO.EOS tokens to the EOS community. The possession of DAO.EOS tokens will allow the holder to vote for DAPP Develop team through our Voting platform. After reaching gaining a specified number of votes, the DAO. EOS team will offer our funds to Develop team and help with the project.
We will publish our Block Producer reports on Steemit. Also can contact us on the following social networking sites and online communities.

1.Website and Social Media Account
Steemit: DAO.EOS
Email:[email protected]

2.ID information
A) Official Block Producer Canididate Name

B)Location of Company Headquarters
The DAO.EOS will be a decentralized autonomous organization that will be distributed around the world. However, in the early phase, DAO.EOS will be operated by DAO.EOS LTD based in Hong Kong.

C) Expected Location of Serves
Japan, United States, China

D) Type of Servers
According to testnet finding, during early stages when block is small and load pressure is still low, a cloud-based server approach should be adopted:
• BP Servers (1 livenet, 1 standby): 16 Cores; 256G RAM; 1T SSD Hard Drive
• API Server: 16 Cores; 256G RAM; 1T SSD Hard Drive

E)Current Employess List, Picture and Relevant Background Qualifications.

Pob Liu
Bachelor of Communication Engineering, Master of Cryptography, currently PhD in the Netherlands TUDelft. His research field is the complex network. He focuses on the communication process research, time series analysis and forecasting of the Internet. He has published many papers in related fields and holds a number of related patents in the field of telecommunications. Bitcoin’s early followers and have a deeper research on the blockchain-related cryptographic algorithm.

Octeufer Du
PhD in artificial intelligence and machine learning at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. His research interests include behaviour predictive analytics, natural language processing, reinforcement learning and optimization algorithms. He has worked for Internet companies and has participated in several industrial and academic projects. Apart from that, he has participated in a number of high-frequency, automated trading projects; and has a deep understanding of machine learning in the financial field. In addition, he is an early blockchain participant and developer who has participated in several projects.

Steven Liu
M.S., Delft University of Technology, Computer science. Experienced in software development and scalable web architecture design. Early blockchain investor and developer, invested multiple blockchain programs.

Akshay Kumar
With a Bachelor Degree in Information Science, Systems, and Technology from Punjab Technical University and 6+ years of experience in marketing field, and 3+ years in the Cryptocurrency/Blockchain industry.

Tommy Gu
CPA, With a Master degree in information system, Bachelor of Accounting from Royal Holloway University of London have 5 years experience of Auditing in Ruihua certificated Public accoutant.

Pino Cai
4 years of management experience in Family Office and Oversea Asset Allocation industry. Currently the General Manager of OY Family office UK and TQ immigration service. His business involves Trusts, Asset allocation, M&A and Immigration consulting service. Excellent in online marketing and community building, as well as social marketing for High-Net-Worth clients. On the basis of having superb relationship networks and resources in the financial industry, he constantly organizes High-net-worth social network event and provides the solution for overseas asset allocation.

Catherine Tong
University College London, Msc ; University of Warwick, BEng. More than 5 years’ strategic investment experience in Telecom, Media and Technology fields. Led an overseas team in UK and Ireland to raise and operate a private equity fund since 2016. The PE fund has then completed 5 UK M&A Projects. an early stage investor in blockchain field has built up her profound insights and experience in the breakthrough of ‘financial attributes’ of blockchain technology.

Tao Vincent, Deng
National Taiwan University, School of Management, BA. Professional manager and Investor in TMT industry. His investment involves Telecom equipment technology, E-Commerce, Traditional Media, Internet Medical platform. Currently is the General Manager of YGLH Media Corp. and CEO of Internet Medical Platform. In 2016, began his investment into encrypted digital currency. In 2017, appointed as Non-Executive Director and advisor of a digital currency trading platform in Beijing. In 2018, Joined DAO.EOS to participate in EOS Block producer campaign.

  1. Estimate of technical specifications and total expenditure for resources by June 2018
    Solutions were prepared and adapted to different cases regarding the stages and ever-changing demands.:
    • BP Servers (1 livenet, 1 standby): 16 Cores; 256G RAM; 1T SSD Hard Drive
    • API Server: 16 Cores; 256G RAM; 1T SSD Hard Drive

4.Estimated scaling plan for hardware after June 3, 2018
Our scaling plan will continue to evolve depending on the needs of the EOS.IO blockchain.

5.Community benefit project outline, only for projects expected to be public by June 3, 2018.

As a community-owned block producer candidate, The primary goal of DAO.EOS is giving back to the community and focus on the development of Dapp in EOS ecology.

DAO. EOS will develop a wallet software available for community members to vote, and integration into a “kickstarts” platform for the DAPP development team to display their works. The DAO.EOS holders will vote the DAPP development team by their own preferences when the development receive certain votes, the smart contract will reward the DAPP automatically.

  1. Listing of Telegram and node names for community testnet participation.
    Party testnet monitor browser: https://eos.hostOrganization: DAOEOS
    Node domain:
    Port(http): 8888
    Port(p2p): 9876
    Producer name: daoeos

7.Block Producer Candidate Roadmap on values, community project timeline, finances, transparency, or any other topic the candidate deems important. Please show the direction and future of your candidacy.
Due to the token centric nature of the organisation, DAO.EOS endeavours to keep complete transparency concerning financial and management.. The foremost goal of DAO.EOS is supporting the DAPP based on EOS system. EOS is committed to investing all its inflation rewards into the development of DAPP. After the launch of the EOS system in June, DAO. EOS will 1:1 Airdrop the DAO.EOS token to ALL EOS Address. The main purpose of the DAO.EOS tokens is to translate token holder participation into organization operation. The token will be used for voting for the organization management team, and the DAPP on our “Kickstarter” platform, maintaining the promise of transparency.

  1. Please describe the block producer candidate's stance on sharing inflation rewards and/or paying dividends to EOS token holders. Will the organization offer payment to EOS token voters for any reason, including BP elections AND worker proposals? Does the organization have a written policy of no-payment for votes? If so, please provide a link.
    DAO.EOS strongly opposes the vote buying action witnessed in EOS BP election and condemns the purchase of votes. The Inflation Rewards of block production for DAO.EOS will be completely transparent, All income,post operation deductions, will be invested into the development of DAPP based on EOS ecosystem. Our staunch position regarding the buying of votes will be found in the following links:
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