Huobi EOS VISION/火币EOS 全球声明

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Huobi EOS愿景 / Huobi EOS VISION
Huobi Group is a digital asset trading platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital currency traders and liquidity providers
Since our inception, we make lots of contribution and also became the important pillar to EOS community with great reputation from coast to coast. We also lead the development in BP technology.
Group's subsidiary HADAX and Huobi Pro are both high-performance exchange platform based on block chain technology providing the same high quality service、security protection and investor protection fund to all clients
Huobi Pool, another subsidiary of Huobi group, is dedicated to provide convenient、profitable,one-stop services with support from HADAX in many aspect such as tech、EOS ecosystem construction …etc.
HADAX和Huobi Pro是火币集团两大交易所。用户可以直接登录到HADAX,拥有与Huobi Pro相同的优质服务,安全保障和用户保护基金。
Advanced technology
Company by the abundant technical strength, Our services can meet the standards of superb quality and diversification of context of Use.
Now rely on strong financial backing from the group, strong research and development capability and excellent producing technology, we will empower the community to create a healthy and a sustainable EOS ecosystem
Huobi EOS 强大的技术研发实力,为EOS生态提供安全有效的应用场景。与HADAX一道形成强劲的技术壁垒,基于ET人工智能安全方案,提供一站式安全服务。立足EOS智能合约平台,拥有火币集团雄厚的资金支持、共同助力EOS技术生态发展。
Clients around the world
Huobi Group has offices in Beijing, Singapore, Japan, Korea and United States of America serving millions of clients all around the world
Ecological closed-loop
Build EOS Ecological Closed Loop of Huobi Relying on the resources supported by HADAX, Huobi Pool provides the world's top security and risk control system as well as the global localized digital asset allocation and transaction services, and modifies the unique digital asset platform service system. We will launch a special EOS zone on HADAX in order to offer a strong customer cluster for EOS ecology and release global mobility of the products.

Huobi HADAX and the Huobipool hope construct EOS community conceived in freedom, and dedicated to the proposition that everyone in this community is equal. The Huobi Pool is willing to provide services to promote the community development. We are also willing to make efforts to enhance the community.
EOS Ecosystem
The global eco-fund of the Huo Group will establish an open EOS ecological special fund to incubate projects based on EOS development and provide full support for funds, resources, technology and operations. We have strong capital and powerful technology to provide stable and scalable hardware and software support for the EOS ecosystem. Huobi Pool will co-organize developer conferences with many EOS developers and partners to speed up the EOS era.
Huobi Group has offices in Beijing, Singapore, Japan, Korea and United States of America serving millions of clients all around the world, which constitutes a strong community base for the EOS community. As platform, we will construct a great platform to discuss EOS in many aspects.
火币集团在全球各地设立了事业部门,拥有庞大用户数量,构成了EOS社区强大的社群基础。我们担负平台角色,以丰富的经验来推动EOS事业快速发展,与众多EOS爱好者一起成长为有力量的专业社区,从投资理财、币种分析、行情预测、EOS 发展和技术推进等多角度进行交流。
Trough the Huobi news and HADAX, We will we conducting a series of online/offline workshops to facilitate the adoption of EOSIO technology and development of a passionate EOSIO community including industrial report、frontier news、tech information. EOS HuoBI will also commit to providing sustainable supports and services to the aspiring EOS developers and to develop own Dapps to explore the adaptation of EOS

Endorsement from HADAX, provides liquidity for Dapps
Financial backing from Huobi group
Industrial security standards with AI solutions
Millions of clients make great community

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