Block Producer Dividend Stance - Bitfinex

Our full Block Producer Dividend Stance can be found here.

As an EOS Block Producer candidate, transparency will be a core component of how we intend to operate. With proven, long-term dedication to the EOS community, it is essential for us that the community will be able to monitor and verify the efforts we will dedicate towards the development of EOS.

All proceeds made from our activities within the EOS community will be strictly reinvested into the long-term prosperity, development and security of the EOS ecosystem as a whole. Any and all financial benefits accrued from our presence within EOS will be dedicated to the development and adoption of EOS - with no exceptions. We look forward to collaborating and supporting communities, teams and developers as we work towards widespread adoption.

To entirely eliminate the potential for conflicts of interest, Bitfinex will take a strict stance with regards to vote influencing, and we will ensure complete transparency towards the community to avoid conflicts and information asymmetry. We will not offer payment, or any other form of benefits, financial or otherwise, to voters of any kind.

Our role as a potential Block Producer is not focused around generating a return, and any monetary benefits associated with development of EOS is a strict afterthought. Bitfinex will not charge for voting of any sort, nor offer the opportunity for monetary-based influence in the EOS network, and we will remain entirely dedicated to verifiable integrity.

Without collaboration, trust and complete transparency of operations we will not be able to succeed and, as such, we are approaching the role of EOS Block Producer with a fundamental focus on the EOS community as a whole.

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