Number of Arbitrators required and obstacles we may encounter

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I've been thinking of the total number of arbitrators necessary to satisfy the EOS Blockchain, including side-chains, in a good time frame.

And the effort it would require to recruit arbitrators and what may slow the process.

Let's say in June/July EOS software makes 500.000 transactions per day. Probably 2-3% will open disputes to resolve issues. That's around 15.000 disputes opened. Now imagine our arbitrator Bob requires at least 10 minutes to solve a case with 4 working hours per day. That's 240 minutes dedicated to the EOS blockchain. If we follow our example, Bob can solve 24 cases per day and there are 15.000 open. Including bob, it would require 624 other arbitrators to satisfy the EOS Blockchain.
Let's not forget that Bob needs to a break and accord time to his family and friends. So we'll say Bob dedicates 5 days on 7 to the EOS Blockchain. That's 120 cases solved by Bob in a week. The numbers may change according to the time taken and hours dedicated to arbitrate.

Bob's profile is probably one of the best we can get because he:
-speaks english.
-understands EOS's blockchain and constitution.
-is known in the community.

In my opinion these points will/may slow recruitment process:

Issue #1:
There are 48,160 members subscribed to the EOS main reddit and 51,633 members in the telegram channel. These numbers may, of course, grow in the future.
In the community probably 50-70% don't understand the EOS blockchain, 15-20% have maybe heard of the EOS governance/constitution and 3-5% maybe know there's an arbitration forum.
Many members are only investors. In cryptocurrency communities people who are willing to contribute are rare. Most of them are attracted by gains.

Issue #2:
One criteria I saw is fluent in English. I know English is important, but once Bob goes to bed who is going to solve Chinese or Korean disputes ? Specially when less than 1% of the population in these countries speak English. So imagine finding an arbitrator that understands EOS's blockchain and constitution, who speaks English, Chinese/Korean and is known in the community and once you found him, you'll need 200 others.

Issue #3:
Time: a lot of people won't have time to dedicate 4 hours (or even more) to arbitration. Specially when they have jobs. Time accorded to arbitration will play a huge factor in the total number of arbitrators required to solve daily disputes. Unless there are good reasons like 10-20$ bounties per case, I don't see why someone would dedicate hours per day to arbitration.

Issue 4#:
EOS is scalable, but is the arbitration forum too ?
My example was with 500.000 transactions. Now imagine If EOS reaches 5 million transactions per day. The number of arbitrators required would need to be at least tripled to satisfy the demand.

Let me know what you think about this.

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