The EOS performance testing tool — -EOSBenchTool has officially launched and open sourced

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As one of the most active builder in EOS Ecology, OracleChain has already prepared lots of services and applications for the EOS Ecology. Soon after the Oracle Machine service, we launched the EOS wallet platform “PocketEOS” and the smart contract application “Ask Question with your Coin” which is fully operational on the EOS network. To better serve the community and based on the technology-oriented concept, OracleChain actively participates in the election campaign of EOSIO block producer. Currently, OracleChain is already one of the official EOSIO block producers which based on Superhero Net the EOS official testnet.

Based on the idea of open and working together to build the entire EOS ecosystem, OracleChain has opened source the first cross-platform EOS wallet development tool — — EOSDevHelper two weeks ago. It immediately draws great attention from the EOS community, and several EOS applications are developed based on the tool and open source code. On the github, we have received 100+ points from all over the world.

Now, OracleChain will open source another useful tool: the first EOS network performance testing tool-EOSBenchTool. EOSBenchTool aims to help the community understand the true performance of the EOS network and give the community a more direct understanding towards the performance of EOS.

EOSBenchTool tests the performance of EOS under different network environments through generating random accounts, batch producing transactions, etc. In the single node testnet which built by OracleChain, EOS can reach 1900 TPS, basically covered the general usage scenarios.

Unlike the test plug-in txn_test_gen_plugin provided by EOS.IO which needs to be deployed on the same physical machine as the EOS node, EOSBenchTool supports EOS access through a real network which is much more closer to the real operation scenarios. When EOSBenchTool was used to access EOS blockchain through the network, the drop in EOS performance was obvious, which was maintained at around 1000 TPS.

Some teams have already used the official txn_test_gen_plugi to test the EOS network that they built. However, this does not reflect the user’s operation scenario, nor does it reflect the complexity of the actual network. The OracleChain team hopes that the community can use EOSBenchTool to conduct more realistic testing of the EOS network they have built. It also encourages the community to test the EOS networks which built under different network scenarios so that we fully observe the EOS performance.

Github address:

The OracleChain team hopes to join hands with all the contributors in EOS ecosystem to build the EOS ecosystem together!


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