Anyone here developing any identity certification system like Civic ?

lambi9891lambi9891 Posts: 1 Brand New

With the implementation of identities in Scatter and RIDL, it would make sense to have a system that would authenticate the information provided with verification of documents (passeport, utility bill...) provided locally or on IPFS (later on EOS Storage maybe) ?

I think it just makes sense as a side service in the context of RIDL.

I would gladly start working on it as it is something that I will need for the project I am currently working on but I have very limited development skills.

Happy to set up an open-source context / project management around it should a developer be motivated.



  • AchillesAchilles Posts: 1 Brand New

    I have the same plan, i mean, the EOS community should build a credit system. Please contact me if you have any new idea.

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