BP Candidates - How to Achieve a Perfect Score on BP Reports #9 and #10, Releasing May 16 & 30

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First, we'd like to take a moment to thank all block producer candidates on behalf of the community. Everyone benefits from collaboration and transparency - we're lucky to have a group of BP candidates who have set an early example for what might be possible in an EOS internet. We hope many of you are rewarded for your efforts starting in June. Thank you.

Only two more BP Reports will be released. Schedule:

Block Producer Report #9 - Wednesday May 16 ~4:00pm EST / 2000 UTC

Block Producer Report #10 - Wednesday May 30 ~4:00pm EST / 2000 UTC

What a BP candidate can do to achieve a perfect score on Block Producer Candidate Report #9 and #10:

Note: deadline for information to be considered is Tuesday May 15 at 2359 UTC. Countdown Timer.

1) Fill out a listing for your candidate on the EOS Go Block Producer Research Site at https://bp.eosgo.io

  • You can log in and update information any time.
  • Your page on this site is the only link voters will see on BP Reports #9 and #10 - please make sure your listing is a gateway for voters to get involved with your candidacy.

2) To achieve 8 of 8 check marks, provide information according to this post - Two New Criteria for EOS Block Producer Candidates in Report #9.

  • Criteria are 1) Block Producer Roadmap 2) Stance on Giving Dividends to Voters
  • You will receive a check mark for any effort you label as your criteria on Steem. Community judges the effort.

3) To receive your two new check marks, please email the Steem post links to admin@eosgo.io


1) Follow the 6 Grading Criteria for the EOS Go Block Producers Reports to get your first 6 check marks.

2) Fill out the Block Producer Candidate Form with your links for the first 6 check marks.

3) Follow the instructions above to gain the last two check marks.

Block Producer Candidates, thank you again for your hard work. Here's to a successful launch and beyond - we are proud to work alongside every single one of you, and wish everyone the best of luck as this network begins its march towards history. Go EOS!

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  • KevinWKevinW Posts: 2 Brand New

    Hi Kev, is it too late to submit a BP for #10 report?

  • KevKev Posts: 361 admin

    @KevinW said:
    Hi Kev, is it too late to submit a BP for #10 report?

    Nope, you can submit until Tuesday May 29 at 2359 UTC

  • viviannevivianne Posts: 1 Brand New

    Thank you for the updates Kevin. If the new candidate wants to be listed in EOSGO, they have to submit BP report, Did I get this right?

  • KevinWKevinW Posts: 2 Brand New

    @Kev said:

    @KevinW said:
    Hi Kev, is it too late to submit a BP for #10 report?

    Nope, you can submit until Tuesday May 29 at 2359 UTC

    Thank you~~~

  • DmytroDmytro Posts: 1 Brand New

    Hi, can you tell me if I will have an opportunity to get it after May 30, is it will be opened in June or July?

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