EOS South East Asia Meetup #1 in Singapore with EOS New York, MEET.ONE, EOSphere, Cybex.EOS, Cobo

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1st Meetup for EOS SEA (South East Asia) - Really excited to have over 130 people RSVP for the first meetup in Singapore!

We've partnered up with one of the best communities: EOS New York to do a May 10 EOS NY + EOS SEA meetup across timezones. There will be exclusive SWAG brought to you by the block.one team.

Schedule for meetup:

  1. Welcome and introductions - Spencer Yang, EOSSEA & Cobo Wallet// 6.00PM - 6.15PM
  2. Panel with EOS BP candidates: Kevin Rose of EOS New York, Ross Dold of EOSphere, Dmitri Prokopenko of MEET.ONE, Emma Cui of Cybex.EOS // 6.15PM - 7.30PM
  3. Technical introduction topic by EOSIO.SG // 7.30PM - 8PM
  4. 5 minute quick-fire sharing on DApps and projects people are thinking about building on the EOS platform // 8PM - 8.15PM
  5. Drinks and chat // 8.15PM - 9PM+

Speaking and sharing slots for our first meetup is closed. We'll accept an exceptional topic if you're keen to share or contribute to the next meetup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Please email spencer at eossea dot com.

Next meetup locations:
Manila, Philippines - Dates: May 24th, 2018 (Co-hosted by Makati Digital Currency meetup)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Dates: June 1st, 2018 (Co-hosted by CoinGecko)


About EOS SEA:

EOS SEA (South East Asia) is not an actual team nor a candidate for block producer but people including yourself who want to learn more by building the community. In short, just volunteers of our time.

Our mission is to expand/enrich the EOS ecosystem with the mandate of promoting financial inclusion and accessibility to blockchain technology.

We believe that the EOS.IO platform will be a shining example of how governance can help drive financial inclusion in the world with the vision of bringing 2B unbanked adults, the relevant tools to dramatically improve their lives. Being native to South East Asia, a developing region with over 400M unbanked adults, we are at the epicenter of a significant 20% of the unbanked population globally. Solving these problems is no mean feat, requiring cooperation of various companies, organizations and countries. However, because we are based in the region, it’s imperative that we look to projects that can aid in solving these problems – and we sincerely believe EOS could be key in easing the difficulties that plague these unbanked populations.

We will be active champions of projects propelling us towards solving these fundamental problems, while upholding the fidelity and solving the other core issues important to the health and sustainability of the EOS network.


Telegram community: t.me/eossea
Website: https://eossea.com

Proud Sponsors of EOS SEA:

EOS New York: https://www.eosnewyork.io/
MEET.ONE: https://meet.one/
Cobo Wallet: https://cobo.com/
Coinhako: https://coinhako.com/
Coingecko: https://coingecko.com/

Event partners:

The Blockchain Hub

We're all volunteers and welcome anyone to join us, for now, please email the minion at spencer at eossea dot com .

Thank you.

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