What the EOS Launch May Look Like - April 26

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Most important to know:

150 million tokens (15%) must register and vote for the block producer candidates on one chain in order for EOS to launch. Until the 150 million token number is reached, nothing happens.

How to actually vote?

First, register your tokens. Currently 13% have done so, as of April 26. More information on actual voting will come in mid to late May.

Why it's important for the community to trust the launch process:

If the block producers chosen to launch EOS aren't done so by the community, in a trusted and transparent process, block producers may like their chances better if they self-select. This would result in multiple BP groups splintering off and launching a chain with their friends, then pushing for the community to vote on their particular chain.

The voters may not like their BP choices on each chain, and it's possible none of the chains reach a 15% vote for successfully activating EOS.

Ideal launch scenario:

Ideally the community trusts and decides how the launch group of block producer candidates are selected. This ensures the most technically secure BP candidates are selected through a fair process. The EOS chain launch group will face numerous DDOS and other attacks, so technical proficiency is important. More on that below.

Because the launch group is chosen by community consensus and randomized BP peer-review, a powerful community chain is most likely to reach 15% consensus and become EOS. Block producers will likely come together on that one chain to offer their help and be voted for, as they will see it more likely to achieve success than a self-selected effort.

What's being done now to increase likelihood of success:

Block producer candidates along with EOS Go, IMEOS (neutral group in China) and KOREOS (neutral Korean team) are working together to organize BP candidates into groups. Two primary goals:
1) Offer all block producer candidates a chance to work together in random selection, simulating a true chain.
2) Have all candidates vote on the best technically proficient and secure BPs to launch a chain through significant DDOS and other attacks.

Curious about how intense the outside attacks may be? Zcash offers a look at their process in this podcast, and the hacks they faced - https://www.wnycstudios.org/story/ceremony

When will we have more details about the selection process, and how will the BP peer-voting work?

As with many things in blockchain, more information is coming! EOS Go and many others will work hard to keep the community updated; as we explained earlier it is very important to earn widespread support for the launch group of BPs.

All moving parts are coming together across 24 timezones and through many language barriers - the power of this community is unbelievable, it you haven't gotten further involved it's well worth it and very interesting. Visit Telegram and ask about the 18+ EOS groups for various discussion such as governance, block production, EOS marketing, and much more.

Next steps:

Many candidates and groups are releasing information, trying to be as transparent as possible.

To help with this process, EOS Go as a neutral entity is releasing a video series called "What the Launch Will Look Like" - a new video every Tuesday and Friday morning at 6:30am EST / 1030am UTC with the latest information, all the way up until launch. The last video will be on June 1, 2018.



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