Idea: "Flippening Watch" for EOS

Here is a nice little project for somebody: Similar website to Flippening Watch which is monitoring when Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin.

We, of course, think that Ethereum won't be the best blockchain but EOS is. That's why it would be cool to have a website that shows what's the situation of EOS compared to BTC and ETH.

This could be hosted by a local EOS community, dapp or BP to get some extra publicity for the project. Or just some individual who really likes EOS.

Apparently "the flippening" means in this context Ethereum overtaking Bitcoin, so some other name for the website would be appropriate.


  • KevKev Posts: 399 admin
    edited April 26

    They should change their term to "The Floppening". Just kidding, I don't mean to sound flippant - we just need the flippening name for EOS.

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