Hirevibes Tokens Airdrop

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Hirevibes is a decentralized jobs platform powered by crowdsourcing — Using economic and environmental incentives.

Hirevibes Tokens (HVT)
There will be a 350 million total fixed supply of HVT.
No more HVT will ever be created.

HVT will be distributed as Follows:
Free Airdrop: 250 million HVT (71.43%) to be Airdropped to all EOS Token Holders within 90 days of the EOS blockchain launch.
HV Launch Team: 50 million HVT (14.285%) to be distributed to the HireVibes Launch Team.
HV Treasury Fund: 50 million HVT (14.285%) to be held in a HireVibes DAC Treasury smart contract. The HireVibes community can propose and vote on the strategic usage of these tokens.


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