Eos Interface - What does a governance dapp look like?

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Hi guys here is my dapp proposal for governance and identity on eos platform.

It's a work in progress but i think it can be a helpful building block and lead to stimulating discussions.
I want to share it with the community and start those discussions but with some context and structure

Proposal v.0.3

mockup and start of an infographics of a sort



Please comment and let me know what you think i should do.

Kind regards and happy easter.



  • CryptoSufiCryptoSufi Posts: 5 Brand New
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    Wanted to share this here with you constitution guys because we are in the same boat.

    Dogfooding testing tools


  • JetseSprey_EOSIOAmsJetseSprey_EOSIOAms Posts: 29 Jr. Member - 1/5 EOS Tokens

    Beautiful. I have one addition. The debate should not lead to a simple yes or no. It should be more of a process in which the original proposal could, during the debate and as a result of the input of others, be improved. This will lead to a greater participation and better results (less bugs and more support).

    So maybe an extra column could be introduced that allows for amending the original proposal, another round of debate and then the vote.

    Jetse Sprey
    EOS Amsterdam

  • CryptoSufiCryptoSufi Posts: 5 Brand New

    I agree debate should have different consensus mechanisms than just a hammer yes no alternatives.

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