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All forum changes will be logged here for public perusal - currently five admins handle improvements for the community (as of 1/20/18). If you have suggestions or requests please post them to this forum.

  • 12-Feb-2018 - Added the EOS.IO Education category by request from Thomas Cox and approved by 3/4 forum admins. --Kev
  • 20-Jan-2018 - Per admin request, @thomasbcox stepped down to an advisory role and @Sam_Sapoznick was promoted to full admin, keeping the number at five. Congratulations Sam! --Kev
  • 19-Jan-2018 - Also promoted @Sam_Sapoznick to Governance Mod per @billboz - both are collaborating to set up and handle the EOS.IO Draft Documents section of the forums. --Kev
  • 18-Jan-2018 - Promoted @billboz to Governance Mod per approval from the other admins. Congratulations Bill! --Kev
  • 18-Jan-2018 - Created the nested sub-category "EOS Constitution Only" under the Gov, Econ and Philo category. Michael Yeates hid the category from showing on front page with CSS. --Kev
  • 17-Jan-2018 - Created the "Jobs, Gigs, and Community Projects on EOS" category per 3/5 admin approval, started a few known opportunity posts to spark discussion. --Kev
  • 09-Jan-2018 - Added the forums charter text to stickied post in General category, per Thomas Cox's suggestion and compilation. --Kev
  • 08-Jan-2018 - Released and stickied the EOS Go Forums Charter to General and Forum Improvements categories. --Kev
  • 08-Jan-2018 - Updated the "Meetups" logo to something other than pink cursive writing. --Kev
  • 04-Jan-2018 - created "Meetups" category for the purpose shown on the category detail page here - by Thomas Cox
  • 1/3/18 - Enabled HTML for post notification emails and significantly improved aesthetics. --Kev
  • 1/2/2018 - Moved discussion titled “How would EOS and Ethereum fight it out?” by jeffreylim17 from Eos Developers to General. — bluejays
  • 1/1/18 - Made all ranks of user "verified" to bypass Akismet spam protection. Leaving the bot on to learn posts types but it is now unable to delete posts like it did to @Sam_Sapoznick earlier today, and one other user a few days ago. --Kev
  • 12/30/17 - Stickied a post on how to create polls in EOS Governance and Block Producer categories. --Kev
  • 12/30/17 - Updated descriptions of categories, improved icon for EOS Developers and announcements. --Kev
  • 12/30/17 - In an effort to streamline discussion - Dev Q&A category merged into EOS Developers and Block Producer Candidates merged into Block Producer Discussion. --Kev
  • 12/30/2017 - Stickied this Forums Change Log in this Forum Improvements category thanks to a suggestion from @thomasbcox --Kev
  • 12/29/17 - Activated "Syntax Prettifier" plugin from Vanilla to greatly improve viewability of developer questions. See this post for example of prettiness. --Kev
  • 12/29/17 - Finalized forum rank system and updated post in both General and Block Producer discussions. --Kev
  • 12/29/17 - Created the EOS Go Forum Improvements category thanks to a suggestion from @nanonano --Kev


  • Sam_SapoznickSam_Sapoznick Posts: 68 Member - 2/5 EOS Tokens
    edited January 22
    • 21-Jan-2018 - Added a new private discussion category, "EOSGo Administrators," for matters internal to the EOSGo community leadership group. Articles in this category are not world-readable at this time. (I.e. they are only visible to EOSGo admins and designated visitors.)
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