EOS Telegram Summary 3/22/18 - Dan's Best Q&A To Date

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Dan stopped by early in the morning DST (Dan Standard Time, aka EST) and answered an astonishing number of questions, dropped some great news, and generally thrilled the EOS general chat. This Q&A may have surpassed his one from 10 days ago - EOS general chat has seen a lot of Dan lately, much to general delight.

Whether owning tokens on EOS is necessary:

Satisfaction update:

Using EOS power to mine other cryptos:

Clarifying release statements:

Testing for main net:

Adjusting BP numbers:

Migrating the classics:

On who's "dropping" the real EOS tokens on current ERC-20 token holders:

Renting out tokens:

Irreversible transactions, further mentioned in the new EOSIO Technical Whitepaper v2:

On the competition:

Dan's automobile:

Dan's hunger:

Governance for whales:

Dan the hot commodity (link to his bio on Steem):

Block.one dapps:

Steem 2.0 confirmed:

Airdrop expectations:

Getting personal:

Dan's coding habits and IQ:

Best way to start coding:

Family business:

Other languages for EOS:

Where EOS is going and the new Steem:

Steem 2.0 name:

The tokens:

Playing it casual:

Airdrops and angels:

Nothing theoretical about it:

GUI details:

Wallet talk:

Not an investement:


Marketing campaigns and brain food:

Arbitration info:

Bitshares on EOS and other:

More info on why Bitshares and a question about block producers acting as DACs to give dividends:

Bitcoin reservations:

BTS to EOS possibilities:

Black swans:

Bitshares and other blockchain improvements:

Future products:

All kinds of apps:

And at 6:12am DST, he called it a night (perhaps in Australia):

Over in EOSIO Gov channel, Ian Grigg with block.one shared a community positivity graph:

And in BlockPros, the group celebrated a summary of the new EOS Technical Whitepaper v2:


Who are we?

EOS Go is the first source for EOS.

Software company block.one is creating EOS.IO and releasing it as open source code; thousands of individuals will need to come together to bring this new "internet of value" to life. EOS Go is uniting the community for a stronger EOS.

How to Get Involved:

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