EOS Web/iPhone Wallet with keychain management (LastPass on Blockchain)

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Blockchain serves as ideal infrastructure for storing private data in encrypted form utilizing existing blockchain PKI infrastructure for encryption, signing and granting access. Blockchain can be viewed as highly replicated immutable distributed data storage.

Every user on a Blockchain network has public key, which uniquely identifies the user and a private key (known only by the user). One of the challenges with Cryptocurrencies is inabilities of many nontechnical users to manage their own private keys. Many have lost their keys and lost control to their wallets and accounts. Others had their private keys stolen due to various reasons. Many prefer to have third parties like exchanges to manage their private keys for them – effectively giving away control to a third party. The proposed solution in this paper seeks to address these issues.

The distributed secure data storage application will allow users to record, retrieve and share access to their private data directly on Blockchain in a secure and controlled manner.

More information here: https://www.ses.network/

I have just started work on mobile wallet (iPhone) and looking for a developer who can contribute to mobile project.


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    Been looking forward to this project @eluzgin since you told me about it at the first EOS New York meetup. Heads up: on mobile using Chrome, some of your Abstract is formatting incorrectly and hides in the title image under your GitHub buttons. Looks great otherwise and I especially like how you talk of many people using crypto exchanges as new banks, which is a serious issue.

    Tools like SES will help lead the way in protecting consumers from 3rd party incompetence and this project looks very promising, looking forward to more.

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