I want to build a ESO Dapp for and this will be the first Delegated Proof of Cooperation Dapp. It will allow anyone to start or become part of a social enterprise similar to with some of the same ideas behind and


  • opencooperativeopencooperative Posts: 2 Brand New
    edited February 12

    This is an open cooperative... anyone can join and earn GIFT Currency ( GIFT) get paid for hours granted to the SOCIALMARKET. We need EOS Dapp developers to join. We want the SOCIALMARKET to be totally decentralized.

  • israellaguanisraellaguan Posts: 4 Brand New

    Hello, I want to participate, just tell me how to help.

  • BodgetBodget Posts: 14 Jr. Member - 1/5 EOS Tokens

    Sounds interesting, what do you need?

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