Top 10 US Blockchain Universities and Colleges

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1. Stanford
Stanford has attracted significant investments from the blockchain technology industry. The Ethereum foundation and others funded
Stanford Center for Blockchain Research, a five-year project dedicated to working on the field’s many technical challenges.
2. University of California, Berkeley
The school also makes an effort to offer interdisciplinary education with courses like the aptly titled “Blockchain, Cryptoeconomics, and
the Future of Technology, Business and Law.” This course, which draws professors from the business, computer science, and law schools,
further cements Berkeley’s reputation as a leading educator.
3. New York University
NYU boasts some of the best extracurriculars for blockchain too. Early again, it held the first university supported bitcoin hackathon in
2014. It was hosted by the university supported Leslie Entrepreneurs Lab and partnered with companies: Chain and Blockchain. It also has the Blockchain Lab and Blockchain Digital Asset Forum as organizations bringing attention on campus.
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT’s Sloan school of business offers courses like “Blockchain and Money,” exposing students to the business and regulatory implications
of the technology.
5. Cornell University
Cornell brings some top-notch computer science courses to the mix with “Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies, and Smart Contracts”, taught by
Ari Juels and Rafael Pass, and Distributed Consensus and Blockchains, taught by E. Shi.
6. Georgetown University
Georgetown University, a school known for political science and business programs rather than its engineering prowess, finds its niche in the blockchain ecosystem by taking advantage of its connection to policy-making circles in Washington DC.
7. Harvard University
Harvard provides some courses in computer science like “Introduction to Blockchain and Bitcoin”, taught by Julian Avila, as well as having
a business course with a shared focus on blockchain called “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” taught by James C. Fitchett.
8. Duke University
Duke University’s blockchain program benefits from the pioneering efforts of a single business school professor, Campbell Harvey. In
2014, Harvey debuted the course “Innovation and Cryptoventures”.
9. Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University is renowned for the caliber of its engineering program. Blockchain courses have popped up in classrooms like
Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, and Applications” taught by Nicolas Christin and Kyle Soska. The course covers the technological, legal,
and business aspects of the blockchain.
10.University of Pennsylvania
Support from professors, as well as substantial interest from students in Penn’s renowned Wharton business school, set the stage for the
formation of the Penn Blockchain club, which boasts several hundred student members from various academic backgrounds and hosts an
annual conference.

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