Promising EOS projects you should know about

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Insights Network:
Insights Network is creating an infrastructural dapp on the EOS blockchain for the exchange of data and wants to disrupt this data exchange status quo by throwing blockchain technology into the mix, providing a platform on which individuals and organizations can trade data in a trustworthy, compliant, and mutually beneficial way.

The team has already launched several gaming dapps, including EOSBET in beta version on the Ethereum blockchain, that have managed to gain quite some traction. Now they’re working on creating gaming dapps solely for the EOS network.

Horuspay is building a decentralized Global Payroll Portal that allows companies to exchange private data with international payroll vendors and using blockchain technology to keep this data private, secure and easily transferable.

Oracle Chain:
As promising as blockchain technology is, there are still several limitations. One of these problems is getting real-world data onto a blockchain.

Once data is on the blockchain, it’s immutable. However, the process of getting it on there in the first place must be extremely trusted, secure, and transparent. For this process, oracles are used, which are trusted, known parties for transmitting real-world data.
To bring oracles to the EOS ecosystem, Oracle Chain is working on an Oracle platform and protocol to ensure that oracles meet the required standards and that the data submitted to the EOS blockchain can be trusted.

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