World;s Top 10 Blockchain Countries

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  1. Singapore
    Though other cities may be better known for their blockchain scenes, Singapore boasts the leading scorer in our smart city category and strong numbers in both the number of ICOs and blockchain-related startups.
  2. London
    The U.K.’s cryptocurrency task force, announced in March, aims to regulate and encourage growth and should serve as a stabilizing factor in a city that’s already home to the world’s second-highest number of blockchain startups.
  3. Zug
    Nicknamed as "crypto valley" , Zug has taken on outsize importance given its status as both a tax haven and home to the Ethereum Foundation and more than 450 blockchain-related startups and organizations.
  4. New York
    The company, with more than a thousand employees, is focused on supporting scalable blockchain startups. Its presence has served as a major pull for others in the industry—New York received the highest score of all the cities for its number of blockchain professionals.
  5. San Francisco
    The Bay Area has the highest number of incorporated ICOs in the world, but American cities will be hard pressed to rise any higher on this list as long as the uncertainty about legal implications for taking retail investment from U.S. residents remains.
  6. Berlin
    The city continues to lead in blockchain today, with strong scores in regulatory friendliness and government transparency.
  7. Tallinn
    Estonia with Tallinn as the capital has catapulted itself on the global stage as a digital nation by proactively supporting blockchain startups and embracing blockchain in its own operations.
  8. Toronto
    While Toronto does not dominate the list of cities with the highest number of ICOs issued, it’s Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum’s hometown, so it’s central to the global blockchain community.
  9. Dubai
    It currently has 20 blockchain projects underway in identity, visa processing, land registry, and health care records, among others.
  10. Hong Kong
    Hong Kong is home to more blockchain jobs, VCs, startups, and ICOs, and Hong Kong blockchain investors are quite active on the global stage.
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