EOS Mega Update Vol 13: MyEOSWallet release! Chintai & REX comparison, EOS Airdrops, BP Collusion

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Topic list and time stamps:

• MyEOSWallet (Special release announcement) (1:03-)
• Chintai (6:18-)
• Chintai vs REX (comparison of some Pros and Cons) (12:17-)
• EOS Blocksmith dashboard page (13:36-)
• All EOS airdrops information in one place (14:34-)
• Claimdrops versus Airdrops (16:13-)
• Block.one responds regarding BP collusion (17:31-)
• Ideas for improving vote distribution and fairness (19:17-)
• How to stake with EDNA tokens (21:48-)
• Block.one iOS mobile wallet (22:35-)
• Mereo, independant block producer ratings platform (23:23-)
• EOS CPU utilization is becoming more efficient (24:52-)

Detailed breakdown:

• Breaking news and special announcement: My EOS Wallet (MEOW). Created by developer AltShiftDev. An alternative to Scatter for hardware wallets. Don't have to download anything.

• Chintai, resource lending platform, similar to REX but available today.


• Chintai vs REX (comparison of some Pros and Cons)

Chintai has 0 fees, unlike REX which will have a 0.5% fee per trade.
You won't get airdrops (for now) if you stake you tokens on Chintai. The Chintai team is working on adding airdrop support. And you can not stake both on the REX and Chintai with the same tokens (REX and Chintai are competing platforms).? 10 EOS is minimum order size. Test with a small amount before doing larger order sizes. Chintai doesn't reward voting like the REX will. Chintai makes voting for BPs optional; it may reduce REX's effectiveness of encouraging voting.

What target audience will rent from Chintai? Chintai response: "It’s mainly going to be Dapp developers who need access to large amounts of resources. We’re building the liquidity pool that business will be able to utilize to make their Dapp more affordable to run, while at the same time giving users the opportunity to earn interest on their unused EOS. Chintai takes no fees and is a community owned/sponsored project."

• CPU usage down over past 30 days as EOS blockchain becomes more efficient.

• EOS Blocksmith creates Dashboard webpage

• EOS Airdrop checklist

• Brendan Blumer, CEO of block.one, acknowledges block producer voting concerns & makes official statement

• Ideas for improving vote distribution and fairness

• How to Stake EDNA Tokens with Greymass Wallet:

• Block.one wallet submitted to iOS app store and awaiting approval

• Solutions for BP collusion

• Mereo - independent EOS Block Producer ratings platform

• EOS CPU utilization is becoming more efficient.

• Shout out to Kyle of EOS Vibes for being a BP, putting out great content & services to the community. His team also made eos-account-creator which they said they are adding Ledger hardware wallet support.

• Shout out to Investing with a Difference YouTube channel. I recommend him as a resource to learn more about EOS. Also, he has a voting proxy, "investingwad", which has many good BP selections. If you're not fully educated in BPs, then vote for him as a proxy and you will have done the community a service.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are strictly my own and are not to be construed as trading advice. Do not buy, sell or otherwise trade cryptocurrency based on the content of this video. I am merely sharing what I have done and what I would do in various situations as an educational tool only.

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