What Blockchain has to offer to freelancers

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Freelancing is one of the wide marketplaces that blockchain technology could transform into a highly profitable business for millions of people around the world.
That implies that freelancers too would be in a position to set up smart contracts with employers anywhere around the globe to be rewarded in cryptocurrencies. Fred Krueger, the founder of WorkCoin, a freelancing platform built on EOS predicted that “the majority of people especially Americans will be freelancers in 9 years”. But the challenge would arise in finding and paying that workforce in the comfort of their locations across the world.
Many employers worldwide are looking for freelancers and freelancers are looking for jobs but across a broken model. This explains why these people can’t find each other.
Blockchain technology has a great potential to solve that disconnectedness. This has been the idea behind the creation of freelancing platforms like blocklancer, WorkCoin and others to allow users to find any kind of work and talent they want instantly.
Blockchain base platforms are becoming game changers in the industry in that, most of them act as both currencies and marketplaces.
WorkCoin, for example, can be used just as Ethereum or Bitcoin. The employing person pays the marketplace and once a freelancer completes the work and the Employers checks it off, the freelancer receives the WorkCoin. It’s simply a system of escrow and arbitration.
Although we are still in the early stages of Blockchain, its potential to revolutionize this field is enormous. Freelancers will gain more freedom to work on the projects of their choice without the control of centralized platforms.


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