Looking for a Couple Talented EOS Developers

Hello EOS Community

We have been on a project for 3 years that we believe will disrupt a 190 Billion Dollar Industry. As we were getting ready to roll it out live in early 2016 we were introduced to blockchain technology and what it could offer. The problem was at that time it wasn’t at a stage that would work for our needs but we did change our business model with the inspiration gained from what the blockchain technology was promising at that time. We recently have had discussions with EOS Management and we now believe that the EOS platform would allow us to finish the development of our project using EOS blockchain technology taking our project to a whole nother level. We have a great dedicated team but we are not familiar with EOS or blockchain development. We are looking to add a couple high-quality Devs that will help us with the learning curve of EOS and blockchain development so we can meet the aggressive timeline needed to roll live with EOS in June. If you would be excited to work on a very challenging project and you are well qualified for our needs I would be extremely interested in having a conversation with you about our project and its needs.



Either PM or reach me by telegram @tysters

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