EDNA partners up with Lynx to provide free bonus-airdrop for all EOS Lynx Wallet users.

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WorkCoin yesterday announced the integration of multi-coin in their EOS Lynx wallet. Lynx is rapidly becoming the ultimate wallet on the eos.io blockchain for a good reason: It is the only app where users can instantly create EOS accounts, the user’s interface is so simple that even a 5-year-old could use it and last but not least, transactions are lightning fast (less than 1 seconds) and completely free.
So what is multi-coin? The concept is fairly simple, this wallet will now support and enable users to send and receive different coins and tokens available on the EOS network.
The most exciting news is that every Lynx user will receive a small number of coins for FREE. EDNA will be the first token freely distributed on Lynx.
Who is EDNA? EDNA is a Blockchain-Biotech organization working to ensuring Human DNA and the knowledge of what’s inside it belongs to Humans, not governments or mega-corps. EDNA has two branches: The Lab, which operates a secure sequencing service to allow you to 100% anonymously store your DNA on the Blockchain and earn passive profits with it should you so choose. The EDNA DAC is the community that manages the Lab, it is made up of Scientists, Genetic Councilors, Bio-Hacking experts all teamed up with people just like you. Together they manage the lab, help you understand your own DNA, negotiate contracts with outside research groups to earn you profits and conduct internal research to advance genetic science.
WorkCoin is creating an ecosystem that will make Lynx the most diversified and efficient wallet out on the market. Apart from EDNA, a number of other coins will soon be distributed to all Lynx account holders. Keep an eye out for more free bonus airdrops from our other token partners in the near future — exclusively for EOS Lynx users.

Find out more about EDNA here: https://edna.life

Get started on Lynx and enjoy your free Tokens. Hurry while supplies last!
Website: https://eoslynx.com
Telegram: https://t.me/eoslynx

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