How can freelancers benefit from blockchain?

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A decade ago freelancers were considered to be people who were fired from their jobs due to low qualification or any other discrimination but the over the decade the views have changed. The freelancing market has taken a great turn around and has proved to be very beneficial and has given a great output. The transformation of freelancing market can be done by blockchain. It will give many freelancers a chance to setup their smart contacts and they can do this independently with the employees.I n this way they will be rewarded either in cryptocurrencies or tokens that can be used over time. A middleman will no more be needed and people will work together in co ordination. This can turn out to be very easy for the working relationships. They can make their own choice and work with whoever they want to work and have a broader approach in making important decisions. In the era of blockchain technologies, the core value of which is decentralization, it is very likely the trend of freelancing will be accelerated.

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