ICO Whitepaper writing services
This includes,

 _idea formulation
 Content development
 Graphics and inforgraphics
 ICO whitepapers review and Editing
 ICO proofreading _
**Press Release writing and distribution
This includes **
 _A concise, well-written press release
 Writing and Distribution to ABC, NBC, CBS Affiliates media outlets and more than 200 media sites
 Customized Full PDF Distribution Report- your press release will be distributed with your company name and company logo.
**ICO Promotion on Bitcointalk forum

This includes**
 _Annthread Creation
 Promotion on various childboards of the Bitcointalk forum
 Community Management of the annthread
 Comments and daily updates to the Annthread
ICO promotion on Reddit

This includes
Making daily Posts regarding your ICO on various cryptocurrency subreddits
 Creation of your ICO subreddit

 _In this I will use highly ranked Reddit accounts with more than 500 posts and 100 karma which means that the posts will always be accepted in all the major cryptocurrency subreddits. _

Contact me through
Telegram Username: @cryptowilie
Skype: @ngariwilson30
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Website: www.coinweez.com

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