EOS Amsterdam - EOS Gov Telegram Channel summary July 11-12 2018

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(from 09:00 July 11th 2018)


User Sheldon shares this link: https://steemit.com/eos/@eoshenzhen/fairness-and-identity-within-referendums

User Sun Tzu replies to User Martin:

User Martin replies by saying that’s great. Maybe ECAF should communicate that they are overwhelmed and focused on a single case.

User Sharif Bouktila shares the following link concerning ECAF: https://medium.com/@eosdublin/decaf-is-pointless-f25c00a6ba76

User Clement shares how he would like to see arbitration:

User Cindy Chen states that if EFAC refuse to work, let the EMAC do it. User Sun Tzu asks who EMAC is. User Stephan Zhang replies EMAC (EOS Mandering Arbitration Community). Because ECAF is an English only forum it’s really hard for any Chinese hold to communicate thus EMAC was started. User Sun Tzu asks what rules does EMAC follow? User Stephan Zhang states that they follow the same rules as EFAC and Moti was in their meeting last night and he suggested a franchise relation between ECAF and EMAC.

User Natoshi Sakamoto asks why ECAF or arbs decide whether to freeze or not and why not top 30 BPs vote and that needs to be online so the community can see who voted what. In that way, if BPs make any mistake they can be voted out by the community. User Gilgamesh replies:

After a few users go back and forth about the voting progress it becomes clear that the stats on total voted that User Sharif Bouktila shared in the channel is ‘all time voted’ and not ‘currently staked and voting’. User Rohan asks how to calculate the staked and voting. User Robert Allen replies ‘run through all accounts – check how much voted that still counts’.

User John Chamberlain shares the following link on the design goals of the EOS arbitration forum. Link: https://forums.eosgo.io/discussion/744/design-goals-of-the-eos-arbitration-forum


User Adam shares the following thoughts and asks for opinions.

User Gilgamesh replies with the greymass proposal. Link: https://steemit.com/eos/@greymass/leasing-eos-ram-without-forceful-memory-frees
User Adam replies it’s a mix of the 2 he likes. But not sufficient for lowering cost. User Gilgamesh replies:

User Killer Whale asks if switching from ‘cold’ to ‘hot’ state or vice-versa requires a lot of 4k random read/write, no? User Anyx replies by saying to read the section on performance implications. User Killer Whale replies with:

User Anyx replies with:

User Raman Bindlish asks if it’s possible in current code to define what stays in RAM and what stays in SSD? User Anyx replies by stating no, not in the current code. His proposal isn’t a quick fix, but a lasting one.


User Kevin Rose shares a telegram resource list: https://medium.com/eos-new-york/telegram-resource-list-db54c6cc4fc9

User [email protected] stated that OracleChain just open sourced the backend server of PocketEOS (EOS wallet). Link: https://github.com/OracleChain/PocketEOS-ShieldServer

User Liam Wu shares an attention on the latest scam method:

(till July 12th 09:00)

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