EOS Amsterdam - EOS Gov Telegram Channel summary July 10-11 2018

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(from 09:00)

User Stephan [email protected]:

User Jakob asks if these are phishing attempts. User Stephan states that it’s not, it was a tech error. He can’t disclose which one, as they have neither solid evidence nor decision made by authority.

Stephan [email protected] hasn’t had any updates nor communication from ECAF.

User Martin states the following:

User Sun Tzu shares his thoughts about the community and ECAF:

User Tanish Verma replies by stating that ECAF could give rulings without caring what the community says. User Martin replies by being silent and going into its shell, ECAF is undermining itself and failing the community.

User Average Joe states that Fiat currency has a public notice that is attached to it notifying all who use is that ‘this note is legal tender’ which means that every note is a tender for law. He then asks ‘How does EOS plan on gaining the consent of the governed for those who are just getting into the EOS network for the first time?.’ User Sun Tzu replies by stating that’s not what legal tender means. He describes legal tender as ‘it means a debt offered to be paid in that note is complete, and cannot be denied.’

EOS Amsterdam note: Legal tender is different in many parts of the world, it is usually the local currency and some other legalized forms of payments. EOS is a utility token platform. The token can be exchanged but is not a legal way for payment. On top of EOS real currencies can be build.

User Sun Tzu:

User Michael Manville sees an important role for something like ECAF but through opt in at the dapp layer. User Sharif Bouktila says that we won’t have a ratified constitution for 3 months, what we do in the meantime? User Michael Manville says that we should use this time to prepare a proper voting mechanism User Sharif Bouktila replies by saying that it is in the works.

He then states that it is current thinking and better ideas are welcome.

User Gilgamesh:

User Liam Wu shares a channel. In the channel there will be more information/tutorials on how to increase security and reduce the risk of getting hacked. Link to channel: https://t.me/eosknawledge

User Kenneth:

User R replies by asking which other blockchains are live that will guarantee you a lower operating cost for your dapp than EOS? User Kenneth replies by stating he’s just saying the RAM thing is bad. User R replies by saying if the proposal goes forward to add RAM a little at a time, then BPs can’t try to game the system by hoarding RAM then dumping right before they add more of it.

User Simone Ruggeri shares a draft of a whitepaper for the creations of DACS that have a reputation token. Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16qpgHpNDUMGuxtLAkrDvjc7uBh9VnUvUtjOb57FYW6k/edit
User SUPER DOG asks how is this reputation token different from a vote? User Simone Ruggeri says that a reputation token would be linked to identity and non-transferrable.

User Robert Allen than shares the following link: https://www.eosbeijing.one/data/#/bpCompare/eoscleanerbp
After that, he states the correlation for eoscleanbp. And says that ‘now since 98.6% of eoscleaner’s votes come from just 19 accounts. User Average Joe asks what’s the plan of action? User Robert Allen replies with the following:

User Mark states the following:

User HeadiEddie replies by saying it is all rent-seeking in one form or another.

User Dennison Bertram shares his vision on the RAM issue. Link: https://medium.com/@dennisonbertram_32974/resource-allocation-stablecoins-pt2-the-eos-ram-market-643c93482a4a
User Daniel EOSMetal states ‘interesting perspective’. User Natoshi Sakamoto replies by saying ‘Sounds like xrp with smart contract’(thumbs down).

User Steve Floyd shares a YouTube video where they talk with people from the community to discuss the referendum contract MVP 1, the Worker Proposal System and other topics. Link:

(till 09:00 July 11th 2018)

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