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I think some of us share a vision of been able to travel more freely and been location independent. Location independence is the future of living, of work and the world for those who believe in it. Being location independent means that you are not tied to a particular place, you are free to move, travel, live wherever you want, work wherever you want, and your ties to a location are minimal.

The location independent movement has been around for some time, but its a culmination of factors that now make it easier to jump in and get started than ever before.

Some of the factors include: access to the internet and rising global internet speeds, globalisation, the affordability and rise of cheap travel, the on-demand economy (AirBNB, Uber), the digital age of office work, Skype, FaceTime, emails, 4G smartphones, automation, startups and new thinking around productivity and employee happiness. All of these things mean that doing your office-based job can actually be done in your home office. And once you can do it from home, what stops you doing it from a hotel, the beach or a co-working space. And then what stops you doing it from a location that is 1 mile away or 10,000 miles away. The question is how to do it?

And here come EOS as a platform based on blockchain technology that brings security, independence, decentralisation, communities and so on. The ultimate goal of EOS is to use blockchain technology to provide a secure digital ledger that tracks financial interactions across the internet, hardened against forgery by trusted time stamping and by dissemination of a distributed database without external interference. Decentralised Organised Companies (DAC) the EOS aims to build have been seen by some as difficult to describe.

In theory, DAC is nothing more than a blockchain than allows multiple cloud computing users to enter a loosely coupled peer-to-peer smart contract collaboration. DAC aims to be a open platform where individuals control their identities and their personal data and seciurities.

The proposal is to build a DAC that aims to bring its community and token holders ability to travel, work, locate independently.

Our plan is to create an in-house Token that interacts with the platform and allows the network to have aligned goals and incentives, prepares the platform to be agnostic to a singular cryptocurrency or digital token, and allows better management of the side chain. Tokens would be used as a contribution to collective works with micropayments and as a tracker of metrics using algorithmic measures of contribution utility.

As a summary, the Token will eliminate inefficiencies through the power of smart contracts, which enables to operate with a completely new business model by utilizing blockchain technology and allow to distribute value to all supporters in a more equitable fashion.

The aim is to use similar system of rewards that is used in Steemit where authors and curators get rewarded for posts. Instead of authors we want to have hosts, service providers, etc. and instead of curators we will have users, mediators and influencers. The idea is to build basic protocols that allow to build complex sharing economy applications. Those basic protocols would have to be designed so that existing centralised sharing and conventional economy applications can hook into our protocols to tokenize their offerings if they choose giving them access to the community.


Currently we are looking for enthusiasts that share the same vision and are willing to join the team of cryptovisionares and DAC enthusiasts. Please share your thoughts and fell free to ask any questions.

Collaboration Telegram chat:

Website and white paper coming soon.


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    I joined in the telegram link but it's a channel, not a chat, when you have a chance please ping me there! :)

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    I would like to be a part of Breezin. I joined the Telegram group, but can't seem to leave a comment. Kindly help

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