Proposal to Increase EOS Security

EOS is more secure when token holders vote for more BPs. What if we incentivize this by making the voting power reduced unless you vote for a minimum number of BPs? If you only vote for 1 your power is reduced by half but you get full power voting for 15 or more.

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  • thomasbcoxthomasbcox Posts: 148 Sr. Member - 1/5 EOS Tokens

    Intriguing. This is Sybil resistant (I think) and implementable in software, I believe. It doesn't provide protection against "stupid random" voting that people might engage in, if they had only 5 BPs they cared about and needed to pick 10 more to get to full power.

    This might be a reason to encourage voter portal developers to RANDOMIZE their lists of BPs to vote for.

    If this was helpful, please UPVOTE. If not, please REPLY so I can improve.

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  • exploringeosexploringeos Posts: 20 Jr. Member - 1/5 EOS Tokens

    @thomasbcox Yeah I think the main way to game this potentially would be to spend your 'extra' votes not just on random BPs but on those BPs that have very low votes so they aren't competition. Intentionally voting for low quality BPs might be a problem.

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