Getting a NEW _valid_ EOS account.

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A nice quote to open up. Yes we are in an eventful age. Up until now the best a person or society could do to achieve information permanence was to redefine "permanent". Well Clay tablets work good, stone is excellent for retention, and paper - if acid free - can last a few generations. But Digital Information - well that's been pretty fleeting. IN COME BLOCKCHAIN. It's confusing, EOS is no different and sometimes more so. You didn't get in on Genesis or interact with the ETH contract to get an account at the get go, but now you want one. How do you go about doing that?

Creating a NEW VALID EOS account to receive funds

Funds you are receiving are coming from friends, exchanges, or through business transactions. However after Genesis there's an added complication - you actually need EOS to create the account, so you need someone to do that for you. (Crap), trust required. But this is mitigated by how you work the process of sharing information with the one creating the account for you. Simply put ye 'ol adage about 'not sharing your Private Keys' still applies, do not share them and you will remain intact throughout this process.

Basic Steps: Generate new keys, share PUBLIC ONLY, then have a friend sponsor your account with a 1-2 EOS to create it.

Safe Generation of Keys

Created offline via YOU: (Offline, Widely Used, modest trust required. BP Created / Sponsored) (Advanced Requires Node.JS and the following software: from the main repository, less trust required, more advanced technical skills needed).

Now allow me to again stress TWO important points here:
1. You need EOS to create an account, but you need ... an account ... to get EOS. Crap! You need someone to help you.
2. You need to have someone help you but they DON'T NEED to gen the keys for you.
Find your platform ^ and download the appropriate release. For me this is

  • Downloaded file and extract zip
  • Find the executable and RUN - my results look thusly:

^ THIS IS A THROW AWAY KEY, I place no money in it, nor should anyone use it.

GREAT! We have a key, but we had to place TRUST in (not our friend) but someone who gen'd this code. The instructions suggest generation while computer is OFFLINE, but we should ALL do our due-diligence and check our keys. How so? Well importing into Scatter for instance won't work if the keys are bad. But let's look at another program:

Similar to the above, download this from GIT by cloning the repo, or downloading a ZIP. Disconnect from the internet, punch in Private Key, Public Key should pop up and MATCH previous output. Now we've validated via TWO third party sources, I'd say we're GTG.


Having friends is good!

Now your friend needs to get into a system where they can use THEIR account to create yours. First they need to :

  • Your friend will need to know your public key, the one we just generated.
  • You will need to pick a 12 letter name (EXACTLY) get creative! Have your friend punch that into the account name field.
  • Their Scatter / EOS account ID (12 letters) will appear on OWNER in the top left - that's OK, this is the owner of the account creating this new one. Not the owner of the new

  • Your friend should stake the minimum of .1 EOS into CPU and NET.

  • You friend may drop RAM to ~4K if you desire to keep the account creation low cost. I left it as the default of 8192 (8Mb).
  • Your friend will punch in your provided public key from the above steps into BOTH the Owner Key / Active Key fields.
    Transfer basically means that this new account will have it's OWN voting and staking rights, they are not controlled by the parent creator account.

  • Click Create!

  • This account may change the Owner/Active pair for more security down the line by following some guides online:

    Changing OWNER is essentially the same process as before. Create a new key pair, punch in the public key for OWNER and save that information somewhere (SAFE,
    DEPOSIT BOX, wherever).

    (Why do this?) Active account permissions you use ALL THE TIME, exposing the public key. If you change with a new keypair the OWNER key, and active's private key is
    effected you have a limited time to initiate recovery of the active permission set. BY DEFAULT all accounts have the same keypair in both ACTIVE and OWNER.

  • Check / Print the TX
    This is not strictly needed, if you can take the new account and setup Scatter with it and get into the EOSTOOLKIT then you've got a valid account. I still love to print crap for posterity.

I've redacted enough that we don't know what happened here, but this was the real world result of my helping my friend out.


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