Introducing EOS Tracker: Real time viewer for EOS Blockchain

hey guys! I am happy to announce my last project 🙂 it’s an EOS explorer, feedback is very welcome!

Thanks everybody for helping to build it 🙂


  • KevKev Posts: 399 admin

    @kesarito this is phenomenal - beautiful GUI as well! I was originally going to ask if it is exploring the testnet or community testnet, then saw your responses to the testnet Telegram channel (it's currently the testnet and can be used for community testnet).

    Excited to see this project develop and curious to see what you come up with. Great work.

  • peterv6ipeterv6i Posts: 4 Jr. Member - 1/5 EOS Tokens

    Thank you for this tool!

  • thomasbcoxthomasbcox Posts: 148 Sr. Member - 1/5 EOS Tokens

    Beautiful! Love this.

    If this was helpful, please UPVOTE. If not, please REPLY so I can improve.

    Thomas Cox
    blockchain governance expert - active in the EOSIO ecosystem
    US: +1 503.516.3886

    (all opinions are my own)

  • adedoyinwealthadedoyinwealth Posts: 3 Brand New

    This is great kesarito. Good job👍

  • TheGnemesysTheGnemesys Posts: 12 Jr. Member - 1/5 EOS Tokens

    Great job!

  • bsinghbsingh Posts: 22 Jr. Member - 1/5 EOS Tokens


  • stellabellestellabelle Posts: 24 Jr. Member - 1/5 EOS Tokens

    Hey, I noticed that account names are different than what was assigned. How do we change our own account names to something that we choose ourselves?

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