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Please allow me to talk about the theft of my EOS account. In March 2018, I searched for an article on the CSDN website "How to Complete the Public Key Mapping of the EOS Native Chain" at https://, the article has been deleted by the author. Following the tutorial, I did the mapping. The Eth wallet is MyEtherWallet, and the private key generated by eos is saved to a file, and the file is compressed and encrypted. The EOS token was mentioned from the fire coin to the MyEtherWallet wallet in order to obtain the empty coin.
After the EOS main network was successfully launched, I saw the vote in the group, downloaded the imtoken wallet and imported the private key into the imtoken for voting. The voting time was 2011.06.15, and the voting redemption time was 2011.06.20, redemption. After that, I often check that the number is still absent until the EOS is stolen, the time is 2011.07.02 19:52. I don't know what caused the private key to leak. On the night of the 2nd of 2018, after discovering the theft, I went online to check my eos account and found that 1657 eos were stolen. 

Figure 1 is a screenshot of my account information

Figure 2 is a screenshot of the hacker's account information
Let me talk about the process of buying eos. From January 2018, I bought eos one after another. I basically bought it with money, and used the savings of the whole family to buy eos. I have never sold eos. Because of long-term optimism about eos, EOS is the representative of the third-generation public chain, and believes that eos can become a representative of the public chain. When my wife and I were expecting eos to bring good returns, the eos was stolen. When I told this to my family, the next son saw my face and desperate eyes, and the laughter disappeared immediately. I basically didn't sleep for a night, and suddenly I tried to feel the confidence and the sudden collapse of my faith. On the morning of July 3, the child immediately asked me, "Dad, did the coin get back? Did the bad guy catch it?", I comforted the child, and Dad would find the coin back.
Because EOS was stolen, it was a mess, just remember to ask for help in various groups. I met very, very kind people in the community, and I am very enthusiastic to help me and guide me how to do it. Here, I would like to say EOSUnion, EOS引力区、EOS911中文社区、EOS华语治理社区(EMAC)、中文社区-私钥找回, EOS 911-Private key issue, EOS official lost private key, etc. Thank you for your selfless help. Let me feel the warmth from the EOS community in a very cold mood.
At the time of submitting the arbitration materials (arbitration submission address:, due to the eagerness to recover the EOS property, simply fill in some basic information in Chinese and fill it out. After submitting, it feels wrong. The too simple information may be unfavorable for the arbitration result, but the English information of the supplement has exceeded the number of submissions, and the submission is not up.
In this incident, the design flaws of the EOS private key are exposed, and the protection of the private key plus the password should be more secure. Since EMAC has just been established, many people are still not in place. For example, this incident, although more than one day has passed, still has not received a reply from EMAC. It is very big for a person like I urgently need EOS arbitration assistance. Strike.
This incident, with the help of a lot of enthusiasts, also made some very good friends. The publication of this article was done through a very good friend account, which was stolen on June 27, 2018, when the private key was defrauded. This time, after sharing the stolen situation, let more people pay attention to the security of the private key. If there is time, I might write an article about how to do it after the theft. Go there to get help articles to help more stolen people.(google translate)
Finally, we expect EOS's private key protection to be more perfect here, It is also expected that my EOS arbitration has a faster result.

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