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2/3 July 2018

Tanish Verma has shared his vision on how he thinks bonds would be the way to go to solve most of the arb problems and wrote an article about it. Verma’s conclusion is that the bonds will help with established reputation/ trust, dilution and transfer of EOS tokens in the hands of those who have vested interest. The bonds will help with governance and dispute resolution as a user could claim against them. Maybe few years down the line we will be witnessing the changes in WPS and Voting methodology towards Bonds. The full article can be read here:

It’s not clear what will happen with referendums. Dan Larimer has suggested that every referendum stands independently and whenever one crosses the 30 day approval threshold it becomes law. So if there are multiple competing referendums, the last one passed is law. User Roman shared his concern that there might be a risk that a popular referendum will cross the 30 day threshold quickly, while its less popular rival does so a bit later and thus overrides the popular choice. Say there are three viable proposals, someone might be tempted to organize a single vote where everyone chooses between three options, instead of voting for each independently. User Aneta replied by saying that it’s hard to tell if a two choice referendum is more difficult to manipulate than a multiple one. It all depends on how the questions and the answers are structured and not from the quantity of choices. On the other side having more competing referendums at the same time could confuse users.

Simone Ruggeri has shared two statements from Dan which capture the essence of most of the discussions the community is having right now, along with the article in which Dan has mentioned it: https://medium.com/@bytemaster/decentralized-blockchain-governance-743f0273bf5a

Rhett Oudkerk Pool said yesterday in the BP call that many outside forces want EOS to fail, attacking EOS by speculating on RAM is easy. As long as we do not have side chains to increase demand, we will have a challenge. We don't want dApp developers look at EOS and prematurely conclude it doesn't work for them, go away and never come back. Dan answered that EOS is still cheaper compared to other chains. Oudkerk Pool doesn’t look at it that way, but thinks it’s good news. He still thinks that we can make EOS even greater if we could solve the RAM pricing now instead for waiting to normalize. Ryan Bethem posted an article in which the RAM problems are discussed, accommodated with some solutions: https://medium.com/@eosBlockSmith/the-ramifications-of-a-no-ram-policy-98a7fa892cfd


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    With time such a precious commodity, these summaries are a valuable and much appreciated "service" - thank you @Daniel_EOSIOAms ;)

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