EOS or EOSIO and its dependency on Docker

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I have a windows 10 pro.
I first have installed Docker for Ubuntu, however, this Docker version seems to has only its client software working, docker daemon failed to start (docker version displays client info and an error message for failed to load its server daemon, em: "Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at tcp:// Is the docker daemon running?"
Then, I installed Docker for Windows (upon suggestion), "docker version" command displays both client info and server info. So, it looks good, however, Docker for Windows's via Powershell is limiting because it failed to run common unix stuff (most of these code are for unix) including unix shell files, and many of these open source unix files do not have their Windows equivalents, thus, end_of_line encoding causes many problems (headaches), some workaround such as "dos2unix" may also be difficult to use. Sure, I can do "docker apt-get update" and then "docker apt-get install dos2unix" to install it onto the ubuntu vm, but we can't do the same for Powershell and eos is under Powershell path.

One suggestion:
editing docker.service file and docker file (I guess both of them are docker daemon's configuration files) would fix the problem, so, I did, but no avail.
And I think there's another docker daemon configuration file, /etc/docker/daemon.json.
All these three configuration files use identical url with port of 2376 ( in case of conflect with the windows version) for the daemon, so, they are consistent.

Then, another attempt, stopped the Docker server for Windows to reduce possibility of conflict, still to no avail.

So, it seems:
(a) docker daemon configure files for ubuntu version has more than three configuration files (mentioned above)?
Is such understanding correct?
(b) the docker daemon for the ubuntu version for Windows never worked
Is such understanding correct?
Or ?

Thanks in advance.

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