EOSVR wallet , airdrop, nameshop released

wsdfzwsdfz Posts: 2 Brand New

Today is a big day for EOSVR.

EOSVR begin its start-up plan.

EOSVR releases a wallet to help users to use EOS.

It supports OFFLINE mode to protect user's private key on Mac, iOS and Android.

EOSVR starts the airdrop 1:1 its basic token EVR to EOS accounts that possess 100 or more EOS when EOS mainnet launch. Need to send 0.0001 EOS to account eosvrairdrop in EOS mainnet to register and get EVR.

About EVR and airdrop:

Also release an account buy/sell system for the users do not have a good EOS name, or want to sell their EOS names:



  • RavenRaven Posts: 1 Brand New

    Howdy! This VR is hard to get info on. Is the eosname shop associated with VR? Thanks.

  • CraigMEOSCraigMEOS Posts: 10 Brand New

    Can a developer please let the community know if it is safe to use EOSVR wallet? I am a novice developer so, I cannot vouch for EOSVR at this time.

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