TOP EOS DAPPS: Website to keep track of EOS DApps with Steemit integration

topeosdappstopeosdapps Posts: 1 Brand New
edited June 29 in EOS Developers

Hey everyone!

We made a for EOS developers to gain more exposure to their projects.
The website uses SteemConnect login and has the option to duplicate DApp postings onto the Steemit Blockchain to earn rewards from upvotes.

Please share with everyone your own projects and some of your favorite upcoming DApps!!



  • KhepKhep Posts: 3 Brand New

    Can Dapp Developers get funded by certain block producers or by the community?
    Can a voting mechanism for the community be created allowing the community to vote for Dapps and Dapp Creation...... these Dapps would get funded by the 21 bp collectively or separately

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