#scatter: How to link EOS account to new key pair?

briewbriew Posts: 2 Brand New
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Hey all, having a problem setting up an account on Scatter.

I just generated a new EOS key pair using this online client: https://nadejde.github.io/eos-token-sale/

I imported these keys into Scatter without a problem, but when I tried to link these to an identity, I got this error:

Any idea what the problem is or how to fix it? I haven't sent any EOS to this key pair yet, wondering if this is part of the issue?

Help would be appreciated. Thanks!!


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  • briewbriew Posts: 2 Brand New

    Okay, I see. So now that we are post-mainnet launch, is there no way for me to generate a new pair of EOS keys?

  • f3ynmanf3ynman Posts: 2 Brand New

    Hi, i have the same question. Somehow i need to create an account and link the public and private key to this account. I really have no idea how. A google search doesn't help...

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