EOS Block Producers. The What; How and Why.

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The Mainnet Launch.

EOS is a smart contract platform utilizing cryptocurrency as a means to fund decentralized applications, DApps. A privately owned company known as Blockone is pioneering this project as an open source platform, having launched one billion tokens already, their mainnet launched June 10th, 2018. Although the mainnet has launched, the platform is not yet live, for it to progress to a live state 21 Block Producers have to be elected by the community. What are Block Producers?

**What are Block Producers?
Block Producers, as their name entails, are producers of EOS blocks. Their responsibilities as decentralized entities are to not only produce blocks but govern the ecosystem of EOS, ruling where and how the Blockchain progresses. Block Producers are similar to miners, as rules dictate, majority miners hold majority vote so let us elaborate what this could affect this could cause. To better understand, we will be referring to another instance of majority mining power.
Approximately 82 percent of bitcoin miners voted for a chain split, or a hard fork, this resulted in bitcoin cash. There were mixed emotions about the split which could have been avoided had the community trusted the entities making the decisions, this is where Block producers come in. Users can vote for producers they believe have their best blockchain interests at heart thus eliminating angered emotions, casting your vote is your responsibility as a token holder. How can you vote?

How to vote using your EOS tokens?

Voting is as simple as registering your tokens and voting, to check if your tokens are already registered you can head over to https://eoscountdown.com/ and make use of their token registration tab on the left-hand side of your screen. Tokens were to be registered before June 1st. Once you have confirmed your tokens are registered you can head over to one of the many voting tool websites, we recommend http://vote.liquideos.com/, deselecting any producers that have automatically been selected and cast your vote using your EOS tokens. 150 Million votes are to be cast with the 15 percent threshold being reached already, so hurry to vote and help your producers win the prize of first place. Here’s why you should vote for EOS.fish:

Why you should vote for EOS.fish.

EOS.fish has already received more than a million votes to verify them as the top Block Producer. EOS.fish have history in the matters of mining as the founder co-founded F2Pool, one of the world leading mining pools, having mined nearly one million bitcoins, ten million litecoins, and four million ethers. With their history comes understanding, they are a platform looking to protect the security and ecosystem of EOS holders. EOS.fish envisions a future of widespread adoption for EOS and will work with the community to achieve it. They have the communities best interests on their minds as the community builds the future of their platform and the EOS Blockchain. They regularly host events to inform; educate and converse with old and new members to further the adoption of EOS. They are looking to provide a secure, safe and fast platform for you; vote for the producers looking to produce a better future for the EOS Blockchain and you.

Vote for EOSFISHROCKS below:

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