Top 30 EOS BPCs from MEET.ONE’ s Recommendation

MEET.ONE is a BP candidate from Singapore. We are participants in voting to be a block producer. We appreciate your votes for MEET.ONE.

Daniel Larimer gave a proposal to all BP Candidates (BPCs) to recommend other BPCs what they have actively worked with.

In the past few months, MEET.ONE has been focus on product development and community building. During the process, we maintain communication and cooperation with other excellent teams in the community. All of them are unique and important, because of EOS, same target and mission, we work together for EOS Ecology building.

MEET.ONE convinced that these BP candidate share the same values of integrity, dedication, transparency and responsibility. For EOS ecological health and prosperity, MEET.ONE encourages everyone to vote for them.

It is important to note that there are many teams that contribute to EOS community, but because we didn’t have enough time to contact with all of them, they might not be included in the list. We wish to have opportunity to collaborate with all friends shared the same value for EOS Ecology Constuction.

These BPCs’ name are listed in no particular order

— — Africa — —

EOS Nairobi (eosnairobike)

— — America — —

EOS Nation(eosnationftw)

EOS Canada (eoscanadacom)

EOSoCal (eossocalprod)

EOS New York (eosnewyorkio)

EOS Silicon Valley (eossv12eossv)

EOS Tribe (eostribeprod)

EOS Cafe (eoscafeblock)

EOS Detroit (eosiodetroit)

EOS Argentina (argentinaeos)

Cypherglass (cypherglasss)

— — Asia — —

EOS Cannon (eoscannonchn) eosflytomars )

EOS Beijing(eosbeijing)

EOSIO.SG (eosiosg11111)

EOS HuobiPool (eoshuobipool)


EOS Asia (eosasia11111)

EOSYS (eosyskoreabp)

EOSeoul (eoseouldotio)

— — Europe — —


EOS42 (eos42freedom)

eosDAC (eosdacserver)


EOS Authority (eosauthority)

EOS Dublin (eosdublinwow)

CryptoLions (cryptolions1)

EOSWEDEN (eosswedenorg)

shEOS (sheos21sheos)

— — Oceania — —

EOSphere (eosphereiobp)

EOS decentralize everything. In the big community of EOS, everyone is important. Let’ s write a new history together!

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