EOSREAL's 30 BP Picks with Thousands of Hours Work

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It took hundreds of hours to understand a company or a blockchain, so as to understand Block Producer candidates. EOSREAL team members have traveled 100,000 miles, meeting half hundred BPCs, spending thousands hours working with them on finalizing constitutions, building community code repository, uniting together to launch the mainnet.

We have been long thinking to write this recommendation list. It is exact the list EOSREAL casts its own 30 votes.

The independence of BPs and diversification of locations, jurisdictions and even religions are essential to the whole EOS network/community security, but we should not lower the standards if we have choice (maybe we should set up mechanism to bring in diversified new BPs). Our current list includes 7 China (including 2 HK), 4 US, 3 Canada, 3 Korea, 6 Europe, 1 Argentina, 1 Brazil, 1 Guatemala, 1 Kenya and 5 others.

The values to select BPs evolve from time to time with the growth of EOS and the community. At the current stage, we value 4 dimensions of BPCs: community effort, technical skills, governance contribution, and global cohesion , then we average out the total score. The first 3 are self-explainable. The global cohesion to bring people together is a must for launching this global largest decentralized project.

We found our list is generally in line with the current voting result with one issue casting EOSREAL out of 100 -- Voters vote way more on technology side than governance side (cry me, we are the first and largest ‘GOVERNED’ blockchain!)

We also know that there are a lot of good BPs who have contributed a lot but may not be included in this list. We feel obliged to list some of them here, and will contact them to give a more comprehensive review as soon as possible:

eos.store (eosstorebest); eosDAC (eosdacserver); Blockgenic (blockgenicbp); huobipool (eoshuobipool); Bitfinex (bitfinexeos1); EOS Authority (eosauthority); EOSphere (eosphereiobp); Cypherglass (cypherglasss); LiquidEOS (eosliquideos); Tokenika (tokenika4eos); EOS Amsterdam (eosamsterdam); EOS Beijing (eosbeijingbp); EOS Wenzhou (eoswenzhoubp); EOS Galaxy (eosgalaxybp1); (eosflytomars); EOS Union (eosunion1111); JEDA (jedaaaaaaaaa); Greymass (teamgreymass); MEET.ONE (eosiomeetone); OracleChain (oraclegogogo); EOS Silicon Valley (eossv12eossv); EOS ONO (eosonoeosono)

Our member, MAO of EOSREAL, has over 20 years financial modeling, securities quant and fundamental analysis experience. The Quantamental analysis technology he built got recognized by global most prestigious financial institutes and blockchain communities. It usually takes around a few hundred hours to understand a business or a token by not only reading their filings, but also talking to the team, joining into the community, using their products and services, reading their codes, seeing their customers and suppliers and looking for data to understand their fundamentals. EOSREAL team has members who worked for Deloitte and KPMG as public accountant and are going to publish more neutral analysis on BPCs as well as other voting related matters.

Our independency can be proved by what we have been doing and current very low votes received (0.1% votes at this moment) as all of our members believe to bring more value to EOS community by working than campaigning.

Please support us, especially on EOS governance by voting:


Let us know your feedback via:

Telegram: t.me/eosreal


Twitter: https://twitter.com/EOSREAL_IO

Disclaimer: This report is prepared by EOSREAL, and is just for information purpose. You should make your voting decision independently.


  • KevKev Posts: 399 admin
    edited June 13

    Thank you EOS REAL, agree with your four dimensions and also enjoyed the geographic breakdown summary. Voters need expert opinions to work from and your team is highly respected in the community.

  • EOSREALEOSREAL Posts: 32 Jr. Member - 1/5 EOS Tokens

    @Kev said:
    Thank you EOS REAL, agree with your four dimensions and also enjoyed the geographic breakdown summary. Voters need expert opinions to work from and your team is highly respected in the community.

    Thank you Kevin. It is inmature. Wish to get more advice from the community.

  • samstickkzsamstickkz Posts: 4 Brand New

    I love this list, I've currently voted for just 3 BP's so far. I'm just so excited about eos, I'll cast my remaining votes now

  • RichurdLiquidEOSRichurdLiquidEOS Posts: 2 Brand New

    Great list! Has anything changed since this post?

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