Lost Private Key

cromstatcromstat Posts: 2 Brand New

Having just attempted to register my EOS I find vote my private key is not accepted.
Perhaps when I wrote down my private key 1 character has been written incorrectly.
I currently hold my EOS tokens in my Metamask wallet.
Is there any way I can track down my original Private Key?
Can somebody out there help?
Thank you.


  • kalifornicatedkalifornicated Posts: 3 Brand New

    I have the same problem, you are not the only one. I am hoping that devs are working on a solution, but I haven't talked to any yet who are.

  • cromstatcromstat Posts: 2 Brand New

    Thank you for your comment.
    Any news please keep me posted.

  • 1lyaP1lyaP Posts: 3 Brand New

    try contacting Telegram group eos911: https://t.me/EOS911


  • CraigMEOSCraigMEOS Posts: 10 Brand New

    EOS911 definitely needs to be bookmarked if you are part of the EOSIO community... @1lyaP Good stuff...

    Please let the forum know the final resolution for this issue. You will prolly have to send a signed message from your ETH address... I will, in the meantime try to look for other solutions as this seems to be a highly reoccurring issue.

    "True decentralization is simply government transcendence."

  • btctoolsbtctools Posts: 1 Brand New

    you lost bitcoin private key?
    you can find it with the private key finder software

  • ColinTalksCryptoColinTalksCrypto Posts: 18 Brand New

    The newest video update I did on lost private keys is in this video:

    Also, this video is relevant:

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