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Bitcoin ignores governance. There is a ton of Bitcoin governance that nobody talks about: Which code people run their wallets on is completely social consensus governed by privately controlled channels and censorship, like the moderators of r/Bitcoin and bitcoin org It makes sense that supporters [such as Nick Szabo] of cryptocurrencies that ignore governance would criticize attempts to create proper governance structures. Nobody is suggesting the EOS plan is perfect, but it's intended to be iterative and a fundamentally new experiment. . The beauty of blockchain is the ability of individuals to choose their own form of governance. EOS has adopted a new approach that addresses some of the pain points in Ethereum, Bitcoin and others. Its Constitution sets some basic rules, but much is still left to the community. Free association and free markets are a beautiful thing. If it turns out that code is better off as unassailable law then we will continue to see migration towards truly immutable blockchains. Perfect code is a narrow bullseye to hit, so EOS could well fill an important role. .

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