Welcome to "Hassan Shah" - Our new Proud Team Member @ EOS Sweden (Core Net AB)

eosswedeneossweden Posts: 9 Brand New

A great welcome to "Hassan Shah" who is our new Proud Team Member @ EOS Sweden (Core Net AB). Hassan is an ambitious IT professional with a strong technical background. Hassan had been working at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and has a long track record of ensuring Service Delivery and IT Customer Support. He has lot of experience with Hardware, Networks, Trouble shooting, and Technical support services.

Hassan has Masters (Teknologie Magister) degree in Computer and System Sciences from Stockholm University. https://dsv.su.se/en/

Hassan believes that learning never ends. He is always looking for new challenges. He is a Problem Solver and he has already started looking into EOSIO, EOS Blockchain and the capabilities and new innovation possibilities that it brings.


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