The Python library of the EOS.IO project -----eosiopy has released Pre-Alph version and open source

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Hello everyone, I made a python eosio tool for eosio developers, eosiopy has detailed output parameters for each step, there is a simple mode of use, and a more detailed parameter mode, the current version can already be eos transaction serialization, eos transaction signature , eos-RPC call, after which will support more and more complete features.
eosiopy github
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大家好,我制作了一个python eosio工具,面向eosio开发者,eosiopy有每一步详细的参数输出,有简单使用模式,和更详细的参数模式,当前版本已经可以进行eos交易序列化,eos交易签名,eos-RPC调用,之后将支持更多更完善的功能。
eosiopy github

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