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Hi, this is EOSeoul.

We have opened our voting system with scatter on 30th May and a lot of people including Devin Lee, @indend007, gave us plenty of useful feedbacks.
We now updated it to share with you once again.

Also in this update, we used the easy user interface from Pomelo (mobile EOS wallet) where we have been working together with EOS Cannon (@eoscannon) EOS Nation (@eosnation) Meet.One (@meetone) and EOSIO.SG (@eosiosg).

Let’s be a whale!

You can vote with 1 million EOS in this simulated voting poll. Let your voices heard and see how it works.

Private Key List of Whales (EOSeoul Testnet Only)

Total 600M EOS!

EOS Private Key EOS-Account
100,000,000.01 5KUCqricb8sY2pXVLRnRw4H9nZWcXfy8dpFfzGZtufne2DZdiFv eoseoultest1
75,291,097.62 5Kg8BBmFujvE7fTTYvQh7c3UR9kqZZHuXWtZxLB1qX3oNMSVVja eoseoultestz
70,599,170.39 5Jj7BwCdbEcGGvyBNQG3xvtXtcTWtphd9vxWn8TsuEwP4PnjSEc eoseoultesty
53,955,804.15 5Hui1ax3vrm2V5McowfNzoV8ivwDBKTDFHspTNvbcb7nTN5YeNd eoseoultestx
48,836,328.94 5KW9ckVnHS2fMa26fv2kaxJqidM7HwBq8dmBgqe2dJf2RkPDdL7 eoseoultestw
45,342,356.78 5JGdjR2XD27CJSk6cr1MQS7m3rFsh8FxfTqc3YfUdeQjiFkmmCV eoseoultestv
32,400,000.00 5JfzYFZZFSpekrKzBP7zLFLtJcCAYnxRLgHeapMmeUpLKjSfxrN eoseoultestu
25,339,101.11 5KJxZjbAUM3ME7h7MNzUKxgEyr7wkTQhQHSSBmDMkw8gr5Pd7w1 eoseoultestt
24,296,632.81 5KdkSFdyP6LNvQ3uuQrVbDft6zJpMvwPye1grxsPkQQp6tL4PMN eoseoultests
20,675,047.09 5J2sjPoB6A4LVTcM92CZSW4ww7Hx9dWNGZPDc5eYe74GZKSHghT eoseoultestr
20,483,453.42 5KZJELZh2wnyNFGrHo5EzuWKeWuYky649hHeSUetypJWNHTTUME eoseoultestq
19,066,571.24 5JTsYi51RLZxoD1mZ4eP7ygiT2VwEwqtrrgMBXkoxF85jdBQuDC eoseoultestp
16,436,924.36 5K8kphUnZ4LAqcuFMVQEJtQpdQrtemj2rpVxdcmbGuzthsQANhp eoseoultesto
13,551,738.33 5JiBN3NLw54qdKYjAgLGwMad2qVDEUamMRvLPjgHrWkgzhouLif eoseoultestn
12,540,381.85 5JnPPYLSsaRWjqt7JUsENMRSJLqTF5Qx6DcVvxwnMEtnpLS4ejC eoseoultestm
11,762,277.27 5KBsqQSqMTCG8EtGnqnkJHvSaVUeUR6vx9qrRzoCgzWz8nfqcZZ eoseoultestl
10,300,399.65 5J2y7frbwdciDXwNtJBEjhPFUjkymVt1vQrBndA2YZnGUEGNuvS eoseoultestk
8,750,000.00 5KJCshy85phQVFHKQQcEz61wVBPeeT8Xcc9LJR9pgPDgBukSu5K eoseoultestj
7,539,892.79 5JNBG1FLUHmgJFA8MiTz1MqEdDgt5ZL6w8onmUDv3SCAXmJEh6G eoseoultesti
7,500,000.88 5JC27vK5zM9aZoQ8d42NSFdKFz9cNouNAuFmYvRMfTYSyXoxtBx eoseoultesth
7,121,271.86 5Jej3HuyeH99CXBUxz8pr2T8HZy3ai6ts2CvnRaaLW43E5FyCE4 eoseoultestg
5,200,100.00 5KMSJJyy4iAsCRzLAhjMoSp2HcPkMVkzbXyiv9bygXPDTqt8ALU eoseoultestf
3,466,251.28 5HsDnV8c3pyywSJdaf5jKi4dTwRGdTqBNqm71jYr9FA21vjnzie eoseoulteste
3,365,544.26 5KeX8HZPVVZkTGxJXfEu1cRQVYtceTbDXkYA3F52oLFVXD8m6K4 eoseoultestd
3,286,042.11 5Jtczik2DPfgSLZmkaZKhNn3rU5nRQcDpVZhbRBfckhuSZhwG4M eoseoultestc
3,270,733.07 5KLL735NDFonPqado7YPN3dLYJNY4kpxFKi6BPmPxwQW8GqkxB9 eoseoultestb
3,148,177.02 5KTn5uJGVjeCMXCADzNJkFSFYc2qUsd6CFdxi3mMJfABXm7H7KV eoseoultesta

How to participate on this vote

  1. Copy the private key of a whale (https://bit.ly/2sIlE00, How to vote with 1 million EOS: 5KUCqricb8sY2pXVLRnRw4H9nZWcXfy8dpFfzGZtufne2DZdiFv)
  2. Install Scatter
  3. Create an account and enter the private key from step 1
  4. Register EOSeoul testnet in Scatter
  5. Import the identity of registered network in step 3
  6. Log in to Scatter and start voting
  7. Bookmark (portal.eoseoul.io)
  8. Vote for real when the mainnet is live

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For more details, please check out the video by Conam from Koreos who is working on the video right now. (It will be provided as soon as it is completed.)

May 30th Guide video from Devin Lee

For any related queries, contact us at https://t.me/eosvote_scatter

Thanks :)

Any Feedbacks welcome!

Suggestions and questions are always welcome. Please do not hesitate to give a feedback to EOSeoul. Join the Telegram Group below to share the latest news from EOSeoul and technical discussions about EOS

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