Voting will soon be available on “EOSPORTAL”, another service run by EOSYS!(EN-CN)

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Voting will soon be available on “EOSPORTAL”, another service run by EOSYS!

Hello there! We are EOSYS, and we’ve been awake for 24 hours to ensure a successful EOS chain launch.

1. For those who have held EOS tokens in an exchange, voting will not be available until the exchange resumes withdrawals.
2. In the voting process, there may be places that attempt to scam you using your wallet address or ask for your private key. Take special care to avoid being hacked.
3. EOSPORTAL is not an exchange, but a service that allows those who hold EOS tokens in their personal wallets to vote.
4. We will post a voting manual later that you may closely follow.

With the chain’s imminent launch shall finally come the activation of block producer voting, and today we are introducing EOSPORTAL(Click), a voting portal that we at EOSYS are investing in and supporting. This voting platform was produced by members from the world’s major block producer teams voluntarily gathering together, and it uses the EOS wallet Scatter to allow anyone to quickly and easily vote in EOS chains.
Being created with nothing but community cooperation, this portal received $25,000 in public funding on May 26th, and $10,000 of that was provided by EOSYS. Gathered in this way, this fund will end up being used on website development, server hosting, and marketing costs. For team members, please take a look here.
Not only that--all the features of the portal will be supported in the various different languages of each country. The community section will be supported with participation from our members David Choiand Orchid Kim alongside examination from KOREOS's Sang-seon Lee.

The voting screen that is set to be activated after the k chain is launched.

So when can I vote, then? And how?

Even at the time of writing this, the voting function has not yet been activated. Voting will become available along with an official announcement on EOSPORTAL as soon as the chain launch has finished.
To vote, you must install the EOS wallet Scatter (Video guidecreated by nsjames). You may easily follow the guide with the screen, which will soon be in Korean, on EOSPORTAL’s guide page. Apart from this, we at EOSYS are also producing our own voting manual that anyone can easily follow. We would be very thankful to anyone who takes an interest and works with us.

See you again soon!

和EOSYS一起的“EOS PORTAL” 马上就可以进行投票了!大家好,我们是24小时为EOS主网上线服务的EOSYS。

1. 交易所开放提款之前,把EOS代币存放在交易所里的用户将无法参与投票
2. 在投票的过程中,会有一些试图诈骗的人问私钥或告知错误的钱包地址等,请格外注意
3. EOSPORTAL是为把EOS存放在个人钱包(不是交易所)的用户提供投票的平台
4. 今后我们会上传通俗易懂的投票指南

一会主网上线之后,超级节点投票即将开始进行。今天为大家介绍EOSYS投资并支持的EOSPORTAL。该投票入口由Scatter, EOS Sweden, EOS Vikings, EOS NY等世界各个主要超级节点候选人自愿投资制作的。该入口利用EOS钱包Scatter,帮助使用者简便快速地进行投票。
该入口由社区合作进行制作,截止到5月26日筹集了$25000的资金,EOSYS投资了其中的$10000。募集到的基金用在页面开发,服务器托管和营销方面。团队的成员列表在这里。并且,该入口支持世界各国语言,韩文页面的翻译由EOSYS的David Choi和Orchid Kim负责。


投票还没有被激活,在主网上线工作结束之后EOSPORTAL官方会通知大家,这时候就可以进行投票了。投票方法如下:安装Scatter钱包(nsjames制作的视频指导 ),在EOSPORTAL的指导页面提供韩文的翻译版本,可以很轻松地跟着做!另外,我们EOSYS也在自己创作一个通俗易懂的投票指南,敬请期待!



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EOSPORTAL voting guide video
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