Designing the Worker Proposal System

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As Block Producers inch closer to the launch of a single mainnet, interested members of the EOS Community have begun to ask questions. Many of those questions are related to the Worker Proposal process. In the spirit of asking questions, Thomas Cox recently reached out to the community to discuss the approach that the Worker Proposal team is following to design a Worker Proposal System and present it to the EOS community for adoption. Thomas released a short video here to announce this:

The Roadmap

In the spirit of asking the right questions, the team that has coalesced around this project has framed its questions in a roadmap to help guide its thinking:
What is being built? How will it run? How will it run well? How will it keep running? How will its future usefulness be ensured? How will systemic abuse be prevented?

A More Beautiful Question

Using the roadmap, the team has begun asking deeper, more meaningful questions. Finding good answers to these questions will help us propose a system design to the community that works well and strengthens the EOS ecosystem.

What is being built?

  • How will the system attract the broadest range of Worker Proposals possible, from small to large, brief to lengthy, easy to hard, narrow to broad, niche to populist?
  • What is the value in analyzing other platforms that have similar project funding mechanisms?

How will it run?

  • How will the community vet and ultimately approve projects?
  • What can be done to engage members?

How will it run well?

  • What kind of oversight will be provided to the community?

How will it keep running?

  • What systems will the community need to keep the WP system running well?

How will its future usefulness be ensured?

  • What can be done to create an amendable Worker Proposal process to grow with the communities’ needs?

How will systemic abuse be prevented?

  • What mechanism will protect against abuse of the Worker Proposal fund?

How can you get involved?

The Worker Proposal Team is keen to open this discussion to the greater EOS community. To enable ongoing conversation with anyone interested in joining the discussion, a Telegram Group: EOSIO Worker Proposal System has been created and can be accessed here: The Telegram channel will be used for free-form discussion and early-phase ideation by members of the the Worker Proposal Team and members of the community.

In addition, the EOSGo Worker Proposal forum will be the system of record that will be used by the Worker Proposal team to formally communicate progress, request and gather community feedback, and present possible solutions; it will also be used by the community to formally submit ideas, escalate concerns, and provide material feedback. Join the conversation here:


The following is an informal timeline that the Worker Proposal Team is targetting.

  • June 4 Open communication channels with community (Telegram and EOSGo Forum)
  • June 20 Gather and systematize all community input
  • Q3 2018 Design and propose a Worker Proposal System to the community
  • Q3 2018 Design the smart contracts to support WPS
  • Q4 2018 Develop Worker Proposal System UI
  • Q4 2018 Worker Proposal System go/no go

The Worker Proposal System is one of the most important pieces of the EOS puzzle, and it is one of the more difficult pieces to get right. We look forward to real, in-depth discussions with the community as we all work together to build a system that addresses the most important questions in a way that works.


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    A concise summary! I look forward to the June 20 announcements and opening up to new volunteers.

    If this was helpful, please UPVOTE. If not, please REPLY so I can improve.

    Thomas Cox
    blockchain governance expert - active in the EOSIO ecosystem
    US: +1 503.516.3886

    (all opinions are my own)

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    Really excited to see progress after all the work put in by this group. Great job everyone!

    Domenic Thomas - CEO

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